Please guide me where I should post this question?

Hi All,Pardon me if it is a wrong way to raise a question and guide me to the right forum.This is my profile:X 96%XII 87%BE Electronics 55.6%CAT percentile (2009) 98.6%MBA Finance (institute of management, Nirma University) Gold Meda…

Hi All,

Pardon me if it is a wrong way to raise a question and guide me to the right forum.

This is my profile:

X 96%

XII 87%

BE Electronics 55.6%

CAT percentile (2009) 98.6%

MBA Finance (institute of management, Nirma University) Gold Medalist in Finance 3.85/4.33 CGPA

Majors: Finance, Minors: Marketing

Work Experience: 2 years 2 months in financial company (rating agency) as a credit analyst

I am just not satisfied with the kind of work we get here. All data work, no analytics, i basically provide support to analysts sitting in US, so the work is mostly data updating.

And me and my husband really want to move to US. We have our relatives working there (in IT sector) and want the entire family to be there. We have visited US once, but that's on a visitor's VISA.

Now the trouble is: how do I make that move?

I have applied online, but I doubt if my profile is good enough that a US based company will sponser my VISA and have me work there.

Doing some online research, I figured out that most of the foreigners who want to work in US do some higher education course from there and eventually get picked up by US based companies there.

So if that's the case, I am not sure how I should proceed with it. I can comfortably score around 700 in GMAT (i'm kind of confident about that) however I've some confusions:

My questions are:

1. Is going for higher education in US (and taking loans to fund that education) a right choice? My Husband is ready to stay in India, keep working and sponsor my education, but we'll also need to take loans to fund it, we don't have that much money saved with us)

2. Given my academics profile, can I get into a good MBA School in US?

3. What do you suggest an MBA or an MS in Finance? since I have already done MBA here.

4. What are the other ways to move to US? I know higher education in US will add on to my qualifications and skills, so I don't mind studying further. But I am also okay with my current qualifications and on-the-job learning... but we ultimately want to shift to US, so what are the other options for us?