Placements at ISME- kickstarts with a bang

*Hi guys, * *International School of Management Excellence(ISME) Bangalore is going to kickstart the placement season for its first batch in April, 2007. * *Some of the top companies which have registered for placements & committed to recruit …

Hi guys,
International School of Management Excellence(ISME) Bangalore is going to kickstart the placement season for its first batch in April, 2007.
Some of the top companies which have registered for placements & committed to recruit from the campus :
Deloitte consultancy
Oracle, India
.................... to name a very few.
Moreover, many international offers from Singapore & Dubai are also pouring in.
Hopefully, ISME is all set to break the highest placement record figures for the first batch.
The final placement scenario will be soon intimated.

Hi Vipin
Plz tell us more about the collage. Wht is the avg sal expected? Also tell us wht is the minimum sal u guyz are expecting?

well guys as i know its avg package was 4 lac,lowest was 2.4 & indian highest was 6.5,,,does anyone know more abt this....:popcorn:

gus i hv been selected for the 1 and half years mba programm at ISME. I hv run through the websites and what I hv found is quite interesting. The college faculties are attracting, the location is good again, they give specialization in finance which happen to be my area of interest. The course duration is also attractive as this will give me a six month advantage over normal mba. this are some of the good thing however few question still bother me. the questions are

1) How come that such a new college is ranked somewhere around the 70.
2) why clear cut information is not given regarding the placement. where is the record for 2007 placemen.
3) why so limited information is provided on the college website
4) It only talks about its NVT quality certification which is also quite interesting as this is an international degree.But the question is will this degree provide me the right kind of job with the right salary.I would hv been more happy if it was approve by AICTE than NVT.
5) the six sigma black belt is also a very good program but the use of this program still confuse me.
any ways the search is still on, and ill keep updating.

Hello my frnd i hv been also selected for The same course & we all know that it takes 8-10 years for a college to be recognised fully but i think ISME has already joined his name with the biggies & within 1-2 years it has come within 70 its also a great far as i am thinking.I am also associated with Career launcher thats y i come to know that recruiters r good mainly from Banking area & even Goldman Sachs has also appeared its avg as far as CL know is 3.5-4 lakhs & indian highest was 6 laks which is quite good comparing its first batch.& abt NVT & KEMA i think that not a matter this r also good certifications when ur in JOB.& abt AICTE its only useful if ur thinking of doing PHD or Doctorate,i hv talked with the present Batch & the response is great.& abt SIX SIGMA BELT i think u know that too.koi problem ho to phir se post karna:new_bat_angel:

hi! plz tell me present status of this college. Is it worthwhile to a PGDM program from this college. Well i want Marketing....but they r giving me Marketing major and minor other choice. i don't want HR as major and Marketing as minor.
Well the most imp. point is....wt was the placement in 2008.
Will someone plz help me out! or any senior out there???

ISME is certainly a good college. I can tell it from my own experience of studying at ISME. The faculty and infrastructure is extremely good. The faculty are graduates of some of the best schools in India and abroad. Also, the placement has been good with a number of students getting employed with companies like Symphony, Thompson, AC Neilson, IMRB.......

Since you are interested in Marketing, the combination of Marketing and minor in Fin works well. In fact, at my time there was only a major specialization. I presume ISME has recently introduced the major and minor.

wat is current placement scenerio??/
im so confusd wid, wat i shud go for, a college wid very good placement figurre like 7-8 lac , or sumthing else,,, i cnt decide wat shud be criteria to select colleges... i m worried hv 5 days to fill forms..