PI Preparation Group (for Mechanical students)

Join this group if you want to prepare for some technical interview questions.

Hi ! 

Would like to know any seniors here. As in who hav given gdpi earlier

sabse pehle Iron carbide phase diagram padho

yaar yeh batao main areas kya hai, jinse woh question poochte hai.

mujhe toh kuch bhi yaad nahi technical ka aur poora padhna does not makes sense.

#Day 1

Today's topic is METROLOGY.

Go through these topics. No need to do in depth analysis, just go through the definitions,  formulas and some basic numerical problems (if any).

1) Normal Distribution

2) Accuracy & Precision

3) Interchangeability

4) Limits, Fits & Tolerances

5) Allowance

6) Types of Limit Gauges

7) Types of Errors

We will further discuss these topics in the comment section. People who have faced questions from these topics in their previous interviews, your guidance is much needed. _/\_

Bhai log PMI ke baare mein pad lena

# Day 2

 Subject - Statistical Quality Control

Go through the topics given below -

1) Control Charts for

    i) Averages

    ii) Range

    iii) Standard Deviation

2) Six sigma Technique

3) Sampling

4) Quality Control

5) O.C curve

I completed my graduation in:

  • 2016
  • 2017
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Any particular source of collected questions which were asked in PIs?

please add topics for PI preparation and any guide for mechanical students?

Looks like people forgot after joining the group.Fizzled out at day 2, eh?


please make this group active and anyone who is experienced, please tell how to go about this technical prep.

ok so let us make a [email protected] group for all serious ones? what say?