PhD/FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) 2024


This group will discuss on queries for FPM 2016 onwards; through CAT or similar Tests.

Calls Out?

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  • IIM C
  • IIM B
  • IIM A
  • IIM I
  • IIM R
  • IIM S
  • IIM Rohtak
  • IIM Raipur
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What should we prepare? Waiting for IIM A&B FPM calls. What will they focus while analysing our competency and proficiency?

FPM 2015 interview experience, sharing from last year's thread.


We had a RAT. General topics covered:

1) Range and domain of a function

2) Know all standard derivative formulas and how to find derivative of x.y or x/y etc

3) Inverse functions

4) Know all standard Integration formulas

5) Sketch the graph of given function

6) Quadratic equation problems, roots

7) Sum of series, AP/GP

8) Matrices. You are given a matrix A. Find A^2, A^3 etc

9) Basic of logarithm, only concept-not in depth

Some areas did not have RAT. Economics had the above RAT paper along with LR/DI + essay.

This was followed by interview. The panel expects you to have done reading or have knowledge in your area so that they can ask questions on it.

Accommodation was not provided. So you have to stay in hotels/ ask them to get accommodated in MDC in IIMK campus which costs around 2500/day. Canteens are good and provide room service if you ask them.


First round was RA-T had 2 sections of 1 hour each. First section is like CAT. 60 questions in 60 minutes and there are really tough questions and they did not disclose about negative marking. The top 10 Qs were tougher, so its a good idea to skip the start and get on to simpler ones. They had Qs from probability, permutation/combination, DI, and simpler Engish Qs on grammatical errors, RC. The key is to solve a few Qs from each section. Try to cover as many sections as you can.

Second section has a short passage followed by 3 Qs asking your views on the passage, any public figure who reminds u of the passage etc. Then write an essay on any 1 out of 3 topic given--this needs a bit of current affairs knowledge so that you can write effectively. This section was enjoyable.

If selected, second round are interviews in IIM I campus. The current students organised an interaction session the day before the interviews and doled out lot of helpful tips and patiently answered all our questions.

The panel was very cool and chilled out, so things went well. This is the general structure:

1) If you have less that 4-5 years workex, you will be asked your favourite subject in Graduation/Engg and asked 4-5 Qs from it. Maybe asked to draw graphs and explain, they will tweak the equation and ask you to plot the graph.

2) More than 4-5 years workex, they may or may not ask.And they do understand if you say u cannot recollect. Qs will be centred on workex/ chosen subject area.

Accommodation is provided in hostels and Mess is available.

IIM L--Area OM

Direct interviews if selected. 4 members in the panel. They were quite chilled out. General Qs were:

1) Tell me about urself

2) Why FPM after working for XX years?

3) Coursework is very rigorous, how will you cope?

(The main thing is to convince the panels that you are aware of what you are getting into, you possess the qualities to excel and justify the funds they invest in you.)

4) About subject area, research area, was grilled on a few concepts.

Accommodation was provided in Guest house (Patanjali) and buffet food at Chankya, interview at Manthan. All there are in a straight line just within 2 minutes walking distance.Room has AC, TV, attached bath. Food is awesome and campus is serene. Arrangements are meticulous and well planned, so you can concentrate on the interview, and not worry about where to stay, what to eat etc.

The document verification and interview process was managed by current FPM students, so you get to interact with them for some last minute gyan.

General pointers:(Few based on my experience, majority based on interaction with current students)

1) It is very important to be calm and confident, if you get nervous, you cannot perform well.

2) Tell me about urself

(What I followed, you may follow what works for you):

1) About Grad/Post grad

2) About workex

3) Motivations, career aspiration, goals etc

4) Some quality of urself which justifies your research interest or ur interest in FPM.

5) Ended with a single line about research area.

3) If you have considerable workex, it helps to read up textbooks on the subject matter, research papers by profs, do a part time/full time course etc. This helps you convince yourself and the panel that you are genuinely interested and panel can question you on those topics.

4) The panel does not have a fixed question set, they frame it based on ur replies on Tell me abt urself and Why FPM and subsequent questions. So utter something only if u know it well, else you will be trapped with no escape.

5) You may not know everything, so lead the panel to ask you questions on what you know rather than what you don't know. So its important to frame answers and throw in keywords on which u can withstand grilling.

6) Be honest when asked: Do u have other calls? Which IIM will u choose? And why? So have a one line reply for a unique quality on that particular institute in mind.

7) If you don't know an answer admit it, they get angry if u bluff.

8) A lot of people also turn to FPM as they are frustrated with their present jobs, however it is not a good idea to admit it openly. They could interpret that since you are running away from ur job, u will run away from FPM too.

9) The most important part is to convince yourself about FPM. Once thats in place, you are bound to do well.

Best of luck to all aspirants. Do well 😃 Feel free to PM for any help!

Can any senior guide me a little about the academic topics to prepare for operations management and quantitative methods?? Also the topics covered in RAT of IIM Calcutta..

Has anybody received call letter from Kozhikode/Lucknow? Have they declared any shortlist?

Seniors please help with insights about interview in OB/HR area. What should we be prepared with my research interest as mentioned in my SOP is in relation to employee engagement

Are there any sample case studies/papers for IIM Indore FPM written test part 2?

  Is there who git call from iim c ib strategy area

i received a call for interview from iim ranchi for fpm.Any one else?

Any news on iim a b l shortlisting.??

what type of questions are asked in Operation Management at IIM -C..can anybody help me out in this regards...

Hi All,

Is there anyone here who is thinking of/ applied for EFPM/ Part-time PhD from institutes like IIM-Kashipur, IIM-I, IIM-L, XLRI, IIFT, IIT-D etc.?

Hi all, submission deadlines for FPM program is 29th Feb, 2016. Hope interested candidates do not miss the date. In case of any queries please visit :

Also, you can message me ( I am a third year research scholar at IIM Raipur) for clarification of any doubts.

IIM-Lucknow FPM shortlist 😃

Hi Team

Did IIM B FPM PI shortlisted candidates was released?

Is IIM-Raipur and Rohtak shortlist released? Did anyone receive any emails?

Best of Luck to everyone shortlisted at Trichy, Lucknow and Calcutta till now.

Dear Seniors n fellow applicants...plz my IIM Lucknow FPM Application i had submitted 2 separate application forms for HRM (first preference) and Marketing(second preference) with demand draft enclosed of Rs.1000 covering the two areas.

But in published list of shortlisted candidates my name is appearing in Marketing only and nothing in 'other area of shortlist' column.I firmly believe it can be some manual error as there are no reasons for my name not appearing in HRM area. i am really worried as HRM is my first preferred area and was preparing accordingly.

Any body shortlisted for FPM Public Policy area at IIM C ?