pgpib (2005-07) SIMSR batch

hi guys i have taken adm. in simsr(IB)…nebody who did same pl. reply

hi guys i have taken adm. in simsr(IB)....nebody who did same pl. reply

hi cloudyriver,

even i hv taken admission in PGPIB in KJSom...had to choose over SITM...but i feel its a good decision......plcments here r good....wotsay u?

do u plan to switch over later or r permanently here?

Enjoy ur achievement 4 now!!

Keep smilin' 😃


hi guys .... me too in the same league.paid the fees the way have u all received any receipt or wat/// mailing from new delhi

hi divya .. hi prabodh.

hi divya .. hi prabodh.....where u ppl. r currently.... i am in my home in ranchi........where r u planning 2 live in mumbai during urs course? 😃

hi from year mech engg. well havent yet planned where to stay during the course. ...d figure it out later... bye


i am in delhi currently n plan to inquire abt their hostel facilities ...they hv'nt intimated us abt their hostel....will be thr by may end,n i hv my relatives thr....after that will try to find some accomod'n.....

do u hv any idea abt their hostel or how to apply for it?

keep smilin' 😃


hi people, .... well i was wondering abt the other guys in our course....well i m planning to stay in hostel provided I get it.y dont we contact each other before going cloudy river & divya my number is 9818915805. come here

hi guys,
congrates to all of u who have finally made to the meagre 40 seats of PGPIB. it was a tough compition by any standerd. isnt it?:)
anyway me too converted PGPIB of KJSOM but finally going to GIM.
so i ll not be able to be part of this gang....miss u all guys
keep rocking,

hi all...

this is nidhi, from delhi...n im the latest joinee of the gang:)
decided to join IB at KJS.

take care....

Hii nidhi ,prabodh ,divya,cloudyriver (really want more names)
Nice to hear from all of u..sorry i joined a bit late.i also feel its better to get ourselves aquainted with each other too decided to join pgpib at simsr.n it wud be gr8 that v r in tuch.i feel there must be some more participation in this forum afterall v r 40 guys yaar.
i did my engineering fom IT BHU in 2003 n since then i ve been in job.near delhi.
i took down some fone num infact only 1 n i suggest u guys to drop ur fone num so that v can even talk.
do u guys hav ne info abt hostel accom.there in simsr campus.if there,do inform me.
c u later.keep riting n calling num is 09416101987..
b bye

hi prabodh, divya,amit, nidhi....:wow: glad to set a forum 4 discussion .....i do also feel we must be in contact b4 leaving 4 m'bai....well i had contacted 2 simsr by email but did not got reply........anyway my contact no. is 09835582900..........
(bhawani shankar)

hi junta,

finally people who r joining IB@KJS formed a thread!!!

i have been looking for this for quite a long time now. Me too got in and paid the fee too...

Hmmm and me frm Hyderabad and would like to meet all u guys soon.....

keep the thread rocking guys...

Hiii guys realy nice to c one new class mate.that is blade 718 but i request u all guys to rite ur original name while mailing.
so far there r only 5-6 guys r active in this forum.may be some guys rriting in pgdba forum.
when r u people planing to leave for mumbai,do rite ur probable schedule.and if neone of us has some contct in simsr then do ask some senior abt how early v ve to arrive there to
arrange ne acco.i heard that outstation candidate can get hostel there.
my mail id is [email protected]..
hoping some more participation..

hi amit,
hey me too from ITBHU, 2002 batch.
wht was ur branch? well ur the first person to meet me on this forum whos from My ITBHU. congrates fr being selected to SIMSR. i hope u guys will make SIMSR a better place. I personally knw prabodh...sincere and always full of life...a great fella...u guys gonna rock SIMSR.
keep posting,

hi guys...... so wat r u fellas upto these days... glad to see new entries ... wd have been been better if u all had given ur contact number or e-mail id.... anil sir u have already given my intro here... i wish u were there with us in simsr.......remember our IIFT guys wat r u all waiiting for...atleast delhi ppl give ur nos yaar....

hi anil I, Anish, also got thru KJsomaiya pgdba...but selecting GIM rather
WELL guys we gnna b in touch always..keep tha flag flyin high..u guys 2 must hve great crowd n its really good for finance i heard
'anyways chill n all the best 2 divya,deepti n co.

hii anil really nice to hear from u u were my immediate senior in ITBHU..mine was cera but u too dint rite ur branch n infact v do recogniuse eachother by face..said once world is a small place if u want to be with sombdy.
like prabodh i too wish u wud be there wid us in simsr..
dear prabodh i awready dropped my num n e-mail in previous mails..[email protected]..
i wonder where r those ones who rote only once ..c'mon guys we wl be meeting shortly rock the forum..
n anil do kep in tuch n we will really revive our golden days ..u knw wht m saying abt..
chalo guys bye for now..
c u tomorrow.

hi guys,

nice to know so many of u ...... if u had been in touch of the dba thread as well, thr was a meetin arranged on sun of all the somaiyans frm del. But only me n nidhi were thr to rep our ib, rest all were were dba ppl.....but it was fun. All were nice ppl.

i'll be leavin 4 mumbai by end of may, since i also hv a cet intvu thr, n i hv my relatives.....but then will try to find out other accomodation. whats ur plan? any1 sure of the hostel scene ( they did'nt rep to my mails either ).

till then

keep smilin'