PGPEX 2008-09 : IIMA and IIMC

Hi All I thought of starting a thread for all aspirants of the IIIrd PGPEX from IIMA/IIMC which would start around December 2007 /April 2008 respectively for IIMC and IIMA This thread can be a common forum to discuss: a) Trends f…

Hi All

I thought of starting a thread for all aspirants of the IIIrd PGPEX from IIMA/IIMC which would start around December 2007 /April 2008 respectively for IIMC and IIMA

This thread can be a common forum to discuss:

a) Trends from PGPEX I and II
b) focus on the III batch
c) Insight on profiles from previous batches and their placement details
d) Applications/Essays/Personal interviews - Tips and experiences.
e) GMAT scores
f) Profile of people who would apply for the IIIrd batch

and all other points which needs to be discussed.

For starters, I have some important dates from the websites (IIMA for now)

March 2007 - Official details are on website along with application form
April 2007 - Applications are accepted formally
August 10 2007 - deadline for submission of forms
October 31 2007 - Admissions informed to applicants.

April 2008 - Course begins
March 2009 - Placements

For IIMC, I infer the following from current information on the web site

Jan 15 2007 - application available for download
June 30 2007 - deadline for submission
Sep 30 2007 - Announcement of results
December 1 2007 - Report in campus
December 4 2007 - Course starts.....

My Profile is as follows:

Work ex : 4.5 years in a product company (American/German)
Role : Product Marketing
GMAT : Yet to take
Acads : Good . B.E. from Tamilnadu
Extra curriculars : Good
International experience : Visited countries on business trips

Would be nice if people can contribute to this thread and make it useful for all.



Wanted to attach this years application form from IIMC ....

Hi Vivek,

Good that u started this thread...I am aiming the same...yet to give GMAT...probably in FEB.......I am MCA 2004 pass out...working since JULY 05, 2004 as a S/W Engg.

Welcome to the thread Bhola. Where are you from? Have you started the prep for GMAT?

Is this too early a thread ?? I see only one reply !

Thanx for this thread. I will join u guys.

Exp: 3.5+. International exposure. Currently based in US.
Btech in one of leading institutes in india.

Preparation: yet to start for GMAT. I am aiming anytime in March.

I want to seek out guys with similar aim and want to form a small team with a shared goal.

welcome to the thread....I guess 3 people here is a good start. I am considering taking gmat either in april or may next year as i need to prepare well....

hey guys count me in too. i should thank vivek for guiding me to this thread. i plan to take up my gmat sometime in march 07. hope to perform very well. have just started prep.
i, frankly speaking, never gave a thought about this PGPEX course. i have to do some ground work and research on it.
hey vivek, thats a nice post by u there.

??: hey i visited the site. it clearly states the requirements. one should have atleast 5 yrs of experience. my exp is no where close. it'd take me another 3 to 3.5 yrs minimum.

we can start discussing about the gmat prep. wat do u guys say? if it is not to be done in this thread, the we can create a thread or may be find out some thread to discuss. another 3-4 months and we have our exams in sight. ????

lets stick to one thread sandy. i dont want too many bookmarks ;)

Dont worry about your work ex now. Just focus on your gmat....

as for the material i have the following :
Princeton 2007
Powerprep software
GMAT test prep
Kaplan 2006 CD

After finishing these, i plan to get the official guide to gmat 11th edition. its slightly expensive - 1900 rupees but i hear its worth every pasie!

first get familiarized with gmat as a test and slowly let it sink in...i learnt a lot by reading threads in PG.

you can do the same.


you dont need this buddy. and OG 11 is a must without fail. one more thing, dont get depressed with your Kaplan scores. they are really demotivating .
i have gone thru the GMAT journey so just thought to share watever little knowledge i have gained. :thumbsup:

ya. we'll stick to this thread. even i learant a lot just by reading the posts ppl in PG. hey u can look out for the second hand books.
u know wat, i got this OG 11 ed for a mere 600 bucks man..u wont believe it. just look for stores which xerox it and sell. dont end up paying 1900 for it. let it be ur last resort. and ofcourse, in TN, the xerox business blossoms big time. so just check out....

yeah, let me finish my current materials first.


dude, its not just kaplan which i took. i did some intro tests on powerprep and even on topics like sentence correction i was really struggling. i am kind of surprised that having learnt english all my life i couldnt correct some basic mistakes in these sentences.

i took TOEFL in 2001 i believe and scored 283/300. Just wondering if i can carry the same form in GMAT . GRE verbal was a disaster for me and i think i got 450/800 :(

can you give me some tips?

@vivek_cbe - i can give a tip for sentence correction. it worked for me atleast. do one thing - whenever you find something new in SC; then plz note it down in a diary. new could a new rule or a phrase or an idiom or an exception to a general rule. just revise this diary whenever u take a test and keep adding such observations. read it b4 GMAT and it will be very helpful for you

Guys ..count me in too.Yet to take my Gmat and planning for it sometime in the feb/March.Thanks Vivek for a good thread.


please tell us something about yourself

sorry guys. i guess i will have to catch up every day as i am in a different time zone than you guys are. Vivek. Can we make two threads? one for GMAT march.april club and other for PGPEX. so that we are in touch with both.

as more and more people join in, we will create a mess with discussions and stuff in the same thread and vital information posted for PGPEX will be lost.

as for me, i have still to buy books and look into preparations. But i am with you guys for sure for april dates. Problem is that i cannot start my preparation atleast for next 3 weeks due to some commitments.

I want to buy some books though now and i need help. I tries solving some maths and verbal questions and found out that i am a bit rusty. its been almost 4 years since i touched them :-P. so can anyone suggest my path (keep in mind that i may need to brush up some fundamentals here and there). I plan to buy following books:

Verbal Workout for the GMAT, 2nd Edition (Graduate Test Prep) - Princeton Review
Kaplan GMAT 800, 2006-2007 (Kaplan Gmat 800)
Kaplan GMAT, 2007 Edition: Premier Program (Kaplan Gmat (Book & CD-Rom)) -
The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review
Cracking the GMAT with DVD, 2007 Edition (Graduate Test Prep) - Princeton Review
The Official Guide for GMAT Review, 11th Edition

Can anyone help me eliminate out of these or add something essential to the list. right now the list amounts to 125$ :-?