PGDM College in Ahmedabad Vs. MBA College in Ahmedabad: Which Should You Choose

The debate about what to choose from MBA and PGDM College in Ahmedabad is long ongoing.

To make it easier for you to decide, we have highlighted each course’s key differences and benefits in detail.

Differences between MBA colleges and PGDM Colleges in Ahmedabad

pgdm vs mba

The benefit of PGDM over MBA

Unlike MBA courses, which are more theoretical, PGDM courses are industry focused.

Today, industry 4.0 and increased cut-throat competition have radically transformed the business world. Today, problem-solving, negotiation, and collaboration skills are critical. If you are a college grad and the corporate sector is your goal, then enrolling in PGDM is advisable to acquire those industry-oriented skills is advisable.

Moreover, PGDM colleges in Ahmedabad emphasize industry exposure, mentoring, and grooming programs.

Secondly, PGDM courses are designed and kept up to date according to changes in the business environment by autonomous institutions such as IIM and XLRI, among others. More interestingly, while making changes or planning curriculum, advice is sought by the country’s topmost industrialists and thinkers to keep their industry-oriented.

Advantage of an MBA over a PGDM

MBA is a post-graduate degree-level course. Therefore, there are broader prospects for the students to go to other fields. In other words, you qualify for an MBA and will also prepare for alternate paths such as competing in the more challenging exams such as UPSC, Bank PO, etc. Moreover, you can also apply for different doctorate programs such as Ph.D.

Moreover, MBA is recognized internationally, which is not so with PGDM. If you plan to pursue a career or higher education outside of India, you should go with an MBA.

Lastly, MBA can assist students in switching industries by providing precise information. For example, if you are an engineer and want to get into a managerial role, MBA will help you gain comprehensive knowledge of management functions.

However, PGDM students may struggle to switch functional areas.

While PGDM courses emphasize skills and specialization, MBA courses are more general. MBAs have more room for functional and job changes than PGDM.

Final Words

Overall, you may find a little distinction between the two programs, yet, your decision may impact your future professional path. Evaluate all the considerations outlined above, as well as your career aspirations, before making a decision.

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