PGDCM - IIMC guys get together

hi guys, all those of us with calls for PGDCM :: *get together and get working *. Do we expect calculus this time around :: : :: : pose questions guys… lets do it together… ALL THE BEST vidhan

hi guys,
all those of us with calls for PGDCM
get together and get working .
Do we expect calculus this time around : :

pose questions guys...
lets do it together....



i heard that the test is peaceful..+2 level maths..shd be very cool

Hi guys,

I am a software engineer from the software city bangalore. I aim to get into PGDCM thru cat 2005. All u ppl sharing the same goal, lets get together and start posting into this thread.
We can discuss topics like :
1. ATM 2005.
2. How shud we prepare ourselves to get into this IT specific field ?
3. What are the future prospects and how have been the placements so far from IIMC ?
4. Is a "systems" from IIMA better than "PGDCM" from IIMC ?
5. Are experienced professionals preffered for PGDCM ?

These are just a few POINTERS (cant help..i am an IT guy).......

To start with i have already started reading "Computer Express" which is a weekly newspaper from IT business field. I must tell u its a very good read.

Waiting for replies from all u PGDCM 2005 enthusiasts.....


Hi Amrish,

I am doing PGDM, so will try to answer only those parts which I am comfortable about.

1. No Idea.

2. PGDCM is not a "specific IT field". It just means that there will be some compulsory systems courses throughout your 2 yrs . Placement procedure/Recruiters do not differentiate between DM and DCM. A DCM guy is as likely to get into an i-Bank/Consult as a DM guy.
Apart from these compulsory courses you can take whatever you like ..Fin,Mar,Eco,sociology etc.. Reg placements @ IIMC you can go to our web page. It has been phenomenal (as usual)

3. Some recruiters have a perception that DCM being a systems specialization course so IT comps obviously have IIMC high on their list. However, I believe, that most of the IT comps are common for C,A,B as it's the students and not the course which is a differentiator. Our MIS dept is quite idea abt IIMA though.

4. There's nothing as preference in the selection criteria..Weights are assigned to various parameters (which keep on changing) and those who ultimately score high ..make it.
However, IT work ex definitely helps .


Thanks a lot Manish.
Its great to hear the facts right from the horse's mouth.
How is life there at IIMC....pretty happening i heard.
Tell us one more thing.....
What kinda job responsibilities are given to PGDCM guys in IT comps ??


Life @ IIMC is rocking indeed have to be here to get a feel of what it is like.

As we say here, these are indeed our 'Best Daze of our Lives"

Job responsibilities depends on your relevant work ex.

Freshers typically go into business analyst positions.

Depending on your work ex you can be offered business development/Project Mgmt/Corporate Strategy/Domain Expert etc positions.

Loads of comps with loads of opportunities come over here. It's upto the student to see where he fits in.

Lack of choice (company/profile) is never a problem.