PGCGM from IIM Calcutta

This group is for people considering or applying to IIM Calcutta's PGCGM Program

Why do PGCGM from IIM Calcutta 

1. Its is a one year program. 

2. Incudes 336 hours of contact through online classes 

3. 3 Campus visits (spanning 19 days) 

Benefits over other MBA programs 

1. PG certification from IIM Calcutta  which is the top MBA school in the country  

2. One year duration 

3. Attend from convenience of the your home - do not have to quit your current job

4. Low cost 3.46 lakh vs 17-20 lakh for full time 2 year programs (isb is going to be 30+ lakh) 

5. No lost salary during study period

6. Boost your career prospects. PG certificate from IIM Calcutta would certainly lead to a jump in both your salary and accelerate your career. 

Admission Criteria

1. The program is meant for working professionals - ideally 2+ years of experience 

2. Need a valid CAT/GMAT score