PG Webmasters - needed for Community Service

Hello Junta, Is there anyone here with top notch web designing experience who would be willing to design and maintain sites of NGOs. ? From what I know there are a couple of NGOs , orphanages who would like to get their sites updated/maintain…

Hello Junta,

Is there anyone here with top notch web designing experience who would be willing to design and maintain sites of NGOs. ? From what I know there are a couple of NGOs , orphanages who would like to get their sites updated/maintained , but are being charged a bomb.

I would like to check if there are webmasters around who would like to design/maintain free these sites free of cost. We would only design/maintain it for NGOs we have personally met up with and know about the kind of work they do. You guys can be helpful and would be contributing to the cause without even visiting the place.

Regarding the hosting, we can handle it as we have our own servers.

Anyone upto it ? 😃 Please let us know about your skills, prior designs so that we can pitch it to the places we do community service at :)



Well i have a good exp in web designing , i have designed some webistes long back almost 3 years then left the field cudnt find it better with a iploma 7 wanted to go for a degree for better future

o i have joined symbiosis here this month , well i can help these NGO's no problems at all, but not all of them just one as i am short of time..

bye & take care

That's great. Can you let us have the URLs of the sites you have worked on. Specific technologies ?

php/asp et al ?

hi pg,

me surely interested in the task.
me working as a consultant at a local IT firm.
and have a friend who works at an outsourcing organization.

technologies used are ASP, PHP, Java Servlets, etc.
some of the urls:

hope i can contribute....

Hey! 😃 Thanks for coming up with your expertise.

As far as I know there are just a couple of websites which need to maintained .. I just wanted to check if I could talk to them and commit to the fact that we could either do a small redesign or a basic update job on the websites for free.

Some firms seem to be charging these NGOs over 10K a year for updating et al. We could atleast save them that money , and in one sense it would be our donation to them :)

Sorry If I sound like I am blabbering .. today am .. err.. a bit challenged when it comes to typing out proper sentences

Keep posting and let us know if you have any ideas for the same :)

Warm Regards,

guys......MVF at hyderabad needs a designer case any of ye good at web designing, do get in touch with me or uday (cool_astronomer) at the earliest....designing for them revolves around creating some simple menus and a coupla dozen static pages......something with a uniform understated theme.....they already have an existing template.....if someone can edit/mod that to their satisfaction, that wud be gr8..... :)


Is it simply about editing few pages? Or transforming content into good HTML pages? Well I have fair amount of experience in HTML/Javascript et all. Would be glad to put them to use for some social activity. :)

If its just about this much "I volunteer". I must add however that I haven't been a webmaster or so until now!


well.....the site is at and that creation team has made a royal mess of colors using robin blue they need something professional and yet understated...something that can gel in with what they do......rather than any textbook designs....


hey ...mebbe u guys, in case u have some time. make a rough template of the site, along with the menus et al for the front page and send it along......we could show it to 'em and get any f/b ...watsay??


I'll see if I can lay my hands on a template and work something out - but then again .. I'd suggest real webmasters get on this job 😃

guys, one more small lil thing: i think Mr Naren (MVF co-ord) was wanting someone to "sit" with him when doing the designing...

uday.....mebbe if we can hand over a decent template, then he can get the designer from that s/w company to sit with him and mod it as per his requirements...would that not be possible??


yup, thats shud be good. infact after the template is done, we can prolly just maro the text from

hey, when we go tom to MVF, lets get a sample page of Mr Narens work and upload it here. That way Praveen/PG/Couch Potato/shally_1982 can get an idea of what MVF wants.


and yes i will try to get the sample files by tom...


I am working on a web site,basically a discussion forum for children having autism and related disorders.But since I don't have any exp in web designing,may be you guys can help me.I have designed the basic structure but need to know a few details.

Err..some how we do have a shortage when it comes to hardcore web designing, but I am sure we can help with basic stuff.

Can we have a look at the URL ? Without checking out the existing work, it'd be difficult to see what it would entail 😃


hey dynamic,
thanks for that,many ppl have come forward to help me.And I hope I launch the site soon.If at all I need any help,I'll let you know.