PG Medical Fees Structure

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Fees stucture will be differ it will depends upon your chosen college and your marks.Apart from goverment colleges all colleges have a different fees stuctures. If you have any doubts in fees stucture or any admission just contact they will help you to get best college with schloarships too. Campuhunt will help you to get the best pg medical college for your higher studies. I will suggest the BGS college for your studies because they provide quality education and placements for students.

Generic eligibility criteria at  BGS Global Institute of Medical Science  or any of the colleges for that matter is that students should have passed MBBS, +2 with PCB stream under recognized board.The next step is to procure the application form from either the website or the admin office. Submit the duly filled form along with all the documents requested by the college. 

 You have gotten yourself admitted into BGS Global Institute of Medical Science  - one of the best pg medical colleges in india.

List of the Best PG Medical college in India : 

1. BGS Global Institute of Medical Science 

2.East Point college of medical sciences
3MS Ramaiah Medical college
4.Vydehi Institute of medical sciences.
5.Johns Medical College. 


AMA School of Medicine was established in 2008 but now is one of the best universities to study MBBS in the Philippines. The institute is situated in the center of Makati city which holds the highest populations of transnational, multinational, and international organizations.  The institute has a list of successful medical professionals as the alumni of the college which proves that the education provided by the institute is exceptional and remarkable.  During the first 3 years in the course of study, students are introduced to basic science and clinical science concepts in the sphere of medicine. In the 4th year of the course, students are introduced to the practical aspects through the practice of medicine, epidemiologic, health, and research-based programs. Study MBBS in the Philippines is a great career option for Indian students. Why Study MBBS at AMA School of Medicine?

· AMA school of medicine provides quality education to every student regardless of their nationality

· The education provided and the degree attained from this university is accepted worldwide

· The cost of education in this university is quite affordable

· The university has made sure to not make the university crowded by keeping the student-faculty ratio ideal

· Students are provided with well-equipped and advanced laboratories