Part time MBA results at JBIMS

hey guys, can ne one please update me wat date is JBIMS declaring the results for d entrance exam an GD for part time MBA… no one picking d call at the institute as usual… so ne one outhe frm JBIMS or having ne info regarding d same pl…

hey guys,
can ne one please update me wat date is JBIMS declaring the results for d entrance exam an GD for part time MBA....... no one picking d call at the institute as usual..... so ne one outhe frm JBIMS or having ne info regarding d same plz let me kno.....:razz: ASAP

Hi Deepika,

I was lucky to get through to someone at JB on Wednesday. The lady said the results will be out around end of February, she did not commit on any dates.

By the way, may I know which course have u applied for?


Hi Hardik....
thanxx for d info.... ido let me kno incase u cum to kno of ne fixed dates.... ne ways i hav applied for MHRDM... wat abt u???

I hv applied for MIM and how waz ur GD ?
The chances of getting through at JB are good for both HR and information as the no. of people who hv applied for them are pretty less....

Hope to see u at JB 😃

my GD was pretty good.... chiped in for a couple of points n managed to summarize the discussion ;).... hope to get thru.... how was ur gd????

by d way do u kno wat r d number of seats for each course.... MHRDM precisely?????

Deepika, I dont know the exact no. of seats, i read somewhere that its 60 of MIM, so atleast 60 for any course .

The no. of applicants for HR is around 130 and for MIM its around 120.

Now, in our GD we had only people applying for the same course. So, if you are in the top 3 of your group of 10-15 people, than u stand in the top 25% . U just need to be better than 50% of applicants (entrance test + GD) . Effectively we need to beat just 60 - 70 people 😉 So, what say ?

I guess i have gone on a little too long ...

thanx for the info.... in our gd too we had ppl applying for d same course..mhrdm... rather all d gds were organised d same way... lets see..... do u kno wat is their system for negative marking??? during the written test we were tld they think der is negative they dint confirm ne thing on dat....

I am 100 % sure there is no negative marking. The reason is that the paper was CET styled paper with 200 questions and the questions were placed in a similar fashion to MMS CET, the only other course that JB offers.
The second strong reason, any entrance exam lays out the rules on the first page of the questionare... There was no mention of negative marking on it 😃

hey hardik,
thankxx for the info.... do let me kno wenever u cum to kno of any finalised dates for the results....

Hey Hi,

Even i managed to get sum1 at JBIMS and got infor that the results wld be declared sumwhere in the end of feb...

Have u guys aplied for any othere collges?


Hi Teena,

I got the same answer when I called them today, End of Feb ...

I had applied for Welingkar , got the admission also, but did not take it as I am reasonably confident of my chances in MIM - JBIMS.

Which stream have u applied for at JB ?

f I am correct, you have also applied for MIM and we were in the same GD batch 😃

Called up JB today, they said the results might come out on Friday, 29th Feb or early next week.

Best of Luck !

REsults will be out by First week of March in all probability. and in case any one of u wants to know his/her result PM me your Reg no ; the day the results come out will chk it n let u guys knw...All the Best



Yes hardik even i have applied for MIM...Srry but cant recollect if we were in the same batch....

I had visited JBIMS on 29th, but hard luck.

A lady just replied teh results will be out in nxt week , she was not ready to spk nythin else..busy gossiping....

Do reply to this link or mail me as soon as ny1 knws the exact result date....

hey guys,
had been to JBIMS yesterday... dat female at d enquiry counter said d results wud be tomo dats wednesday.... but she wasnt sure though... asked me to reconfirm on wednesday mornin..... so keep d fingers crossed.....hope they finally declare d results.....
ALL D BEST!!!!!!

hey guys,
hard luck..... had called to chk at jbims.... no results today... she has asked to chk on fri...:(

Hi Deepika,

Thanks for your constant updates :-)

Even I had called JB in the morning today (Wednesday), the lady told me that the results might be declared in the evening, she asked me to call and confirm, when I called no one picked up the phone.

It seems the lady picking up the phone knows the results will be declared this week but isn't sure exactly when. I guess we will have to keep trying.

"I'll Back" from JB did get in touch with me through email and told me that he will let us know once the results are out.

So, the wait goes on ... 😃

The results for PT - MBA are out. I'll Back just called me and informed that the list has been displayed. Thank you so much for your help Anish.

I am a JBite now