PaGaLGuY veterans, Help! Does my performance in 10th & 12th preclude me from even standing a chance at admitted to an IIM, Xavier, etc ?

Hi guys,I’m a third year engineering student and for as long as I can remember I’ve dreamt of getting an MBA from one of our country’s elite business institutes. And as I was growing up, going through my 10th, 12th classes and my 1st & 2nd year …

anyone ?





Please help me to solve this question!

If there are 6 white balls and 6 black balls of same size and we have to place them in 10 boxes so that each box must contain at least one ball. What are the number of ways ?

Hello, I am from 2009-13 batch. I am a student of Btech in IT from GGSIPU, DELHI . I have just got my 8th sem results. I have 1 back log . Now, I am having some doubts regarding admissions in b-schools. As in GGSIPU, one needs to secure only 200 credits out of 214 credits, i.e, one can leave 3 subjects. Then , even one can get a degree.. So, am I eligible to take CAT , and then take admissions in top 20, 30 b-schools ? After all the doubts are cleared then only I will be able to prepare.

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I am Dheeraj,working for TCS since 3 years.I got 700 in GMAt.My acedemics goes here:

10th - 92%

12th - 90%

Bachelor degree : 80%

What are my chances to go into ISB/IIMs/XLRI..?