Pagalguy Prep. Team for GMAT

Is there a team of people on PG preparing for the GMAT? Something similar to the CAT dream team? It seems that GMAT is the 2nd most popular exam on this forum(the number of comments on each thread) after the CAT and a lot of people want to prepare seriously, but there is not much motivation or internal competition among the people to crack the GMAT. 

I recommend starting a Pagalguy GMAT dream team, where people prepare in a consolidated effort and help each other, over a 3-6 month window for this not so easy exam.

To all those who have written to me for GMAT preparation over the last 3 days @apurvamanvar @neya90  @mithal.shalvi  @clxlfms  @Shubhangi29  @justmihir  (Plus many more), don't you think that this would be a good idea? The single thread that you need to follow for all GMAT focussed discussions? We can always benefit from the experiences of the people who have aced the GMAT before, sort of "Been there, done that". 😃

the guys who are going to give the exam are you gonna go about preparing for it.....solve the guides again???? can anyone recommend any other material(except the manhattan series)???

Guys i am starting my GMAT preparation. As i am tyro to this. Request you to kindly suggest me the best study material ?

So here I am . Gave CAT-2014 only to be disappointed. Is it only me or does everyone feel that every time we take on an exam seriously we end with mediocre results. I want to ace one exam completely . And I mean really ACE it.

Mediocre scores definitely do not dazzle admission teams in colleges considering GMAT,especially if you are an IIM (Indian IT male). The only way to jump out of the reject pile onto the accepted pile is to be at the top. My interpretation of top is 770 and above. I think any one can get that score with enough practice. 

PS :- I have given GMAT two times in 2013.

First time - 700

Second time - 730 (Q50,V39 )

Third time :-  I want this to be a Geometric progression 😉

I tried E-GMAT, Grockit, Manhattan GMAT series and Manhattan review. I used GMAT Club too for practice.

I found E-GMAT very useful for Verbal.(Practice on Grockit and GMAT Club too)

For Quant I haven't taken any course. Practice on Grockit and GMAT club did it for me.

For AWA I made 3 to 4 templates and followed them.Got a 4.5 .  Need 6 here!!

I am going to give it all this time around. Need at least 5 point improvement on verbal. By the way I haven't fixed the date yet.What are you guys thinking? Can we fix on a common date 3-4 months from now?

Puys I need your suggestions.

Should GMAT be taken as an alternative to CAT??

I have work ex of 16 months.



I have screwed CAT'14. Don't know what will happen in CAT'15.

Need your guidance as I am planning to join Crack verbal for comprehensive course.

OG 2015 Quant qn 192

Which of the following describes all values of x for which 1-x^2>=0( as in 1 minus x square equals 0)

My Soln: (1-x)(1+x)>=0 or (1-x)(1+x)

so (-1=1 or x

options A) x>=1 B)x=1 E) -1

Can anyone please tell me where am I going wrong ?

So, anyone up for GMAT preparation at night for the next 3 weeks?

All, I need your opinions to formulate some schedule that we can follow for our GMAT prep. First, please suggest the format we should do it in - we can form a small team (say 7-8 people) similar to the PG Dream Team and ask few of the GMAT veterans on PG to interview and select the people who can lead everyone in this regard. Since the GMAT is administered round the year, we can't fix dates like the CAT.

When do you intend to write the GMAT?

  • March - April '15
  • Aug - Sep '15
  • After Sep '15
  • May - July '15
  • Before March '15

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I have written articles about GMAT and links for the resources. I plan to write some more but it may take some more time.

Till then you all can refer this :

HI, I need guidance on the vocab part of GMAT. I completed Normal Lewis while I was preparing for CAT, do I need to refer more books, if yes which ones. Please guide.


My profile goes as follows :

10th : 89.8 (RBSE),

12th : 92.8 (RBSE)

Grad : 76.7 (B.Tech ECE) - 4th Rank in Branch

Work Ex: 8 months in Power Sector 

2.75 years in Materials Management in one of the top Manufacturing company in India. I will be having 5 yrs of work ex by May'16. 

Decent Co-curricular activities + some Academic Honors + scholarships.

1). To all the stalwarts of GMAT available here.  I need a guidance on how to start preparing for GMAT? What all books, websites etc to follow to prepare for it?

2). I am a bit confused whether to go for CAT one more time or prepare for GMAT. 

3). How are Executive Programs at old IIMs such as IIM A, B or C ? (Appeared in CAT-14 & could not perform to the best of my abilities)

Please advise..!! 

Thanks.!! @agrawalp_39 Can you please suggest some book for quant ? I had prepared a bit for CAT this year, so m done with basics and I have also completed quant section of OG'15. What next should I take up to practice quant daily? ALso, I'm planning to take up E-GMAT course for verbal, before taking it up, I wanted your opinion if it is worth it.


All, I have prepared a schedule that we can follow - it is in an editable excel format. I have filled in my details and my desired schedule in the file (Though you may feel that I'm a little biased towards the VA section and OG material).

I am willing to share it with everyone, please leave your email addresses in the comments below 😃

Hi Amigos,

I started my prep, with OG. I have OG 12, 13 and 15.

Most of the questions are similar in these three.

I started with OG as it is highly recommended - official guide published by the makers of the test

I am likely to follow Powerscore GMAT bible for CR and Manhattan GMAT  SC guide.

Do you recommend any other source of preparation? I need to focus mostly on 700+ level of questions.

Thanks for all the wisdom and inspiration !

OG'15 SC Qn 68.

Outlining his strategy for nursing the troubled conglomerate back to health, the chief executive's plans were announced on Wednesday for cutting the company's huge debt by selling nearly $12 billion in assets over the next 18 months.

A)executive's plans were announced on Wednesday for cutting the company's huge debt by selling nearly $12 billion in assets over the next 18 months.

B)executive's plans, which are to cut the company's huge debt by selling nearly $12 billion in assets over the next 18 months, were announced on Wednesday.

C)executive's plans, for cutting the company's huge debt by selling nearly $12 billion in assets over the next 18 months were announced on Wednesday.

D)executive announced plans Wednesday to cut the company's huge debt by selling nearly $12 billion in assets over the next 18 months.

E)executive announced plans Wednesday that are to cut the company's huge debt by selling nearly $12 billion in assets over the next 18 months.

My understanding: A and B are clearly eliminated, coming to D and E, I see that 'on' is missing before 'Wednesday', so I marked C though It dint seem to be a clear choice.

Answer is D, no doubt this sentence is framed in the best possible way out of the given options, but what about the missing preposition ? Are we supposed to take it as a typo ?

PLease Help.

Hi guys,

has any opted for any verbal course for GMAT?? plz suggest...

I team ,i'm planning to start GMAT and targeting 700+. so please suggest me the recommended material.

Hi guys,

Any one can please share the soft copy or ebooks of all the MGMAT books . Please send it to  Thanks alot in advance!