PagalGuy Mocks (1-8)

plz continue mocks for this week too…they are really helpful

plz continue mocks for this week too...they are really helpful

How is the score in pagalguy mocks and actual CAT going to be related ?
for instance in TIME's AIMCAT series I heard that one should add 10 perc. to TIME's score to get probable CAT's score and for TIME score > 90 one should expect a score of 99+ in actual CAT.
While preparing for CAT 12 I was getting scores in range of 75 to 85 in TIME series, my actual CAT score was 85 + 10 = 95 . This year I have not taken many of TIME mocks but my score there has been in the range of 70 to 92 perc. while in pagalguy mocks my score this year has been 75,97,95,93,85 and 97 . What should be the probable range which I should expect in actual CAT (scheduled to be on 19th of this month) ?