Pagalguy Mock CAT-3

OA Score?

the date is clashing with time mock lookroundlookroundlookround

got only 13 as score.......?? :((((((

very very tough mock.. beats testfunda also...

Easier than mock 2. Four super silly mistakes in quant !! 😠 😠

Expected better mocks from Pagalguy 😟😠

Guys the solution for question 25, 32, 44 contradicts with explanation provided.
Paagulguy please clarify on this

mple enough but di ne keh kar li hai,i dont think cat ll present such tough di sets,quant is of cat level i feel

Quant tougher that CAT level

Not upto the level PG. Its good that you are giving twisted questions, but there should be some balance. Was expecting good mock paper from you guys.
Specially, section 2 was a big disappointment, the kind of LR's and RC's are not at tall

comprehensible and too tough for CAT. I will accept that 1 of these might be there, but still all 3 LR's and RC's this tough? Then the explanation part is also not satisfactory. This is demoralising specially when only few days are left for the paper 😞 😐

Gave the 1st mock.........felt it was easy and attempted 53-54...was thinking that will end up 100-120.......saw the score 69.........what a joke...... 😞

Too many silly mistakes in quant....... An eye opener test....

Someone got 180/180, saw in the leaderboard 👏
Was it so easy 😛

where will we get the solution of mocks ???

Did an awful mistake

the smallest 4 digit number in base 4 notation as 0000 lookroundlookround


@deepu Sir, although it's not possible to prevent people from writing the same mock from different ids , but i guess you can prevent writing a mock twice from the same system. The leaderboard is full of scores of fake ids.

This is really disgusting....people scoring 180 simply ka matlab yeh nahin kuch bhi ho jaaye

QA- 36+ 4[ one answer wrong mark kar rakha hai PG ne solution kuch aur de rakha hai waise 2 hain aise]=40
VA- 14 🎂😠😠
oa- 54
va easy tha kya?

since the previous mock my individual section score is not being displayed correctly, it is showing 0 in both sections...and percentile of both sections is displyed 100....pls try to solve dis problm....😐