PagalGuy invites nominations for Stream Moderators !

PagalGuy invites nominations for Stream Moderators

Attention Puys -

Pagalguy is looking for stream moderators to help keep the discussions more relevant and informative for everyone.

What will the moderator do?

  1. Stimulate meaningful discussions
  2. Prevent and remove spam and identify serial offenders.
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Review reported posts and escalate if necessary. Identify and report serial offenders.
  5. Escalated cases of banning users.
  6. Ensuring content is relevant to respective threads.

What is moderator material?

  1. Good knowledge of the concerned exam
  2. Strong desire to prepare for and crack the concerned exam
  3. A netizen. Should be well informed on current affairs and past events.
  4. Preferably have an imposing online presence. Being active on social media platforms will be a plus.

So if you know someone on this forum who you think will make a good moderator, please let us know in the comments below. Every individual can nominate a maximum of 3 people only.

What's in it for the moderator?

  1. A certificate of acknowledgement
  2. Ownership of all threads under an exam type.
  3. Opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of thousands of your peers on the same journey as you are.
  4. An opportunity to be associated with India's largest education network.
  5. A chance to serve your community

Voting is now open and will remain open till Tuesday 12th July, midnight. We will keep you updated on the next steps soon after that 😃