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Access to strong industry interaction through focused seminars and lecture series, close interaction with PhD students and access to strong initiatives like the E-Cell, National Entrepreneurship Network and SINE are some of the value propositions …

Access to strong industry interaction through focused seminars and lecture series, close interaction with PhD students and access to strong initiatives like the E-Cell, National Entrepreneurship Network and SINE are some of the value propositions of the Shailesh J Mehta School of Management of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, says Admission Coordinator Prof Rajendra M Sonar. We dig more in an interview.

What are the top 3 unique differentiating factors between IIT-B SJMSOM and the management schools in the other IITs?

Firstly, SJMSOM has a very strong industry orientation with a series of events where eminent dignitaries from the corporate world come and share their knowledge, ideas and experience with the students. The objective is to make students aware of the latest developments and issues in the industry. There are six Continuum seminars (each focusing on one MBA function €“ Finance, Consultancy, Systems, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations), a technology seminar, a business festival, a series of leadership lectures and a number of Diksha lectures in a single year. Great thing about these events is that they are all organized by students themselves and thus provide a great interaction and learning platform.

Secondly, Leadership Lecture Series (LLS) has grown from strength to strength and is a part of the compulsory course "Leadership and Vision" in the final year. The students learn through a lecture series, with a focus on developing all facets and grooming them to take the leadership roles in the society. The series features eminent leaders from the Indian industry as well as from other walks of life. Sri Sri Ravishankar (2005), Mr Kishore Biyani, Mr Anand Mahindra, Mr Rahul Bajaj, Mr Arun Maira, Capt GR Gopinath, Mr AK Purwar, Mr Shyam Benegal €“ all 2006. This years list includes Mr Adi Godrej, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, Ms Naina Lal Kidwai, Mr Uday Kotak, Dr Ashok Ganguly, Ms Kiran Bedi and Mr Karan Johar.

Thirdly, SJMSOM has a strong belief in continuous knowledge creation and transmission to the budding managers and leaders for application. Stressing research orientation, SJMSOM has a distinguished PhD program and present students include IPS Officer, CEOs, Directors of corporate houses. To name a few Mr Arvind Agrawal (CEO, RPG Spencers), Mr Nandkumar Saravade (IPS) - Director - Cyber Security and Compliance, NASSCOM, Mr Pankaj Phadnis (Group Vice-President, Wadia Group). A few alumni include Mr Ganesh Natrajan (Deputy Chairman and MD, Zensar Technologies Ltd.), Mr Hasit Joshipura (President and ED, Johnson & Johnson Ltd).

MMgmt students have great opportunities of sharing and learning from these highly experienced PhD students as they interact and share classroom with them.

What are the top 3 value propositions for an applicant to join SJMSOM over a reputed non-IIT management school?

One, SJMSOM MMgmt. students have the option of taking subjects on credit or audit or sit through from other departments like Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR), Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology (KReSIT), Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS). The courses from these departments are great value-adds to the MMgmt. education.

Two, you become an integral part of IIT community. This itself opens up numerous vistas one of which was PanIIT 2006 - IIT Alumni 2006 Global Conference held from 23rd-25th December, 2006. It was a platform where 5000 plus IIT alumni from all over the world converged to Inspire to Involve and Transform India! and was the largest ever IIT alumni meet. SJMSOMs students had an opportunity to actively participate in its organization, being part of various committees, and were there at the Conference as delegates and organizers. IITB also has very strong entrepreneurial culture reflected through very strong initiatives like E-Cell, Society for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (SINE), National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN).

Three, SJMSOMs MMgmt course gives you Technology Management courses which are taught by faculty who are the practitioners of the field. They're the entrepreneurs who've their startups in the business incubator here and carry with them huge practical experience. Prof S Banerjee teaches technology management and is the Chairman, Board of Directors, Zeus Numerix (http://www.zeusnumerix.com/). As for me, I teach IT courses here at SJMSOM and my company Iken Solutions is also a part of SINE.

What was SJMSOMs JMET cutoff for the last two years?

SJMSOM does not have a fixed cutoff for JMET. Depending on the profile of the candidates, SJMSOM usually gives calls to the best 350 plus aspirants among the top 400 JMET rankers.

Typically, what kind of students are best fit to be in SJMSOMs MMgmt program?

The rigorous admission process ensures that only people with strong aptitude, a passion to learn and a dream to lead, join SJMSOM. The background in technology has already equipped the students with good analytical skills which helps them to better understand the basic courses well. This helps to build a foundation to move to the specialized fields of management. People with work experience fit well here, as a large majority of the batch is with considerable work experience. Aspiring entrepreneurs also have a lot to gain from the E-Cell, SINE and NEN initiatives here. Being a part of the organizing team of various events at IIT like PAN-IIT, Avenues, continuums, cultural events etc gives the aspiring leaders and managers various opportunities to test their leadership and organizing skills.

How much work experience does SJMSOM value? What kind of class diversity has SJMSOM been having in terms of work experience for the MMgmt program?

An average work experience of almost two years clearly shows the importance SJMSOM gives to prior work experience. The work experience here covers diverse fields like IT, research, operations, analytics, teaching, marketing, SCM and design, pricing and cost control and more. SJMSOM also has a strong PhD program. This adds to the diversity and learning as the management students learn a lot from the vast experience of their PhD classmates.

What kind of access do SJMSOMs MMgmt students have to the resources at IIT Bombay? How much participation do MMgmt students have in strong initiatives like the E-Cell, SINE, NEN?

SJMSOMs MMgmt students have complete access to all the facilities of IIT viz the central library, the sports facilities etc. The central library has an impressive collection of management books and journals. MMgmt students regularly use the seminar halls and video conferencing facilities for conducting guest lectures and events.

IITB is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activities. Students of SJMSOM have planned and successfully carried out activities sponsored by NEN at the SJMSOMs annual B-fest Avenues 06. They have participated and organized in various capacities, E-cell initiatives. Infact, SJMSOM was a part of the first-prize winning team of Eureka 2005. Also, a few SJMSOM students work with SINE companies on project basis. There have been instances where an SJMSOM alumnus has had a startup in SINE in partnership with B.Tech students of IITB. More recently, students of SJMSOM wrote a b-plan for a startup at SINE and the b-plan stood second in the Economic Times-Wharton contest.

Will the IIT SOMs open up their admission to applicants with commerce and arts undergraduate degrees in the near or distant future?

Since the IIT Senate takes the decisions in this regard, I cannot comment on this.

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SJMSOM RANKED 8th in TOP B SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..It corroborates the words of our Prof. SOnar Sir!!!!
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It is an interesting article and generally covers everything that an Aspirant of JMET will look at from one of the Directors of IIT Schools of Management. I though have the following observations:
1. The value propositions are a mix of tangible and intangibles. The worry is that I wonder if these are the TOP 3 values as nothing is mentioned about the character values that one may associate with someone who will come out of such an Institution. The first value mentioned is more of what will happen to students who join for a particular course or a curriculum.

2. To take the first observation further, the Director mentions "passion to learn" and "dream to lead". As per my understanding, these are pretty vague for any student to understand as there is no 36:26:36 way to decipher that what they generally mean. It could have been more specific coming from someone who is representing a place known more for objective thinking.

3. The fact that the Director mentions people with experience fits in well here could have been explained a little more as generally the trend to get more experienced aspirants comes, to a certain extent, from the economic factors that govern many policy decisions. Another thing that he might have mentioned is the ratio of the female students v/s male students which is generally dismal across IITs. Is this a culture??

SJMSOM RANKED 8th in TOP B SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..It corroborates the words of our Prof. SOnar Sir!!!!
To see the rankings visit...
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There are filters in the page....SJSOM ranking is 8th among Govt B School....if u change the filter rankiings will change.....whatever be ranking of SJSOM i desperately want to get into it 😉