PaGaLGuY 2019 New Version Launched

This is the group for feedback on the new version and reporting any problems you face. We’ve made interface level changes and also speed optimization.




Hey all,

Last few months we made a lot of small changes to make your experience of using PaGaLGuY as smooth as possible. Today we are rolling out all these changes. 

Now PaGaLGuY should be much faster and smoother to use. 

Am sure there will be few bugs and we will most of them in few days. 

Please use this thread to report any issues you are facing. 

The notifications are not appearing properly on mobile

If you visit the login page again after logging out, it reloads on a loop. You have to visit a certain thread to login.

You can't delete your own comment.

We get logged out of the account automatically if we press the SEARCH icon. Please correct this.

I'm not able to view the list of all the groups that I have joined. Earlier it was available in settings. It helped to check all the posts in those groups. That option was helpful.

The account is getting logged out too frequently. I don't know what's the problem. Earlier I had logged in only once and whenever I opened pagalguy, it was logged in. That was a better option.

Hey guys. I understand you have envisioned a better UI for PG, but after trying to use it for a day, I must say it feels really clunky. The old version, even though a bit laggy at times, was very streamlined. For instance, the difference in size of icons vs the text gives me a headache, and reduces reading speed. Plus everything has been changed so drastically, and made a little too eye candy type, I wish we had the option to toggle between different modes, a minimal one and this!

How do i search for a new group now? I get logged out and it does not show relevant results either.

There should be a separate tab for the groups thar i have joined/following.. Though at Home page We can view posts of joined groups.. But it is very crubsome...there should be only a list

Sir, the block feature isn't working at all. It's been 3 days now. Please fix it as soon as possible. Thank you @pg @deepu @sonnes

If any1 interested in buying MBAguru study material + class worksheets (2017) (though nothing changed in study material) , then plzz drop a mail on [email protected] (preference- delhi / noida)

When i go to the comments section in my profile tab, i can just see my comments and not others'. Earlier, there was an option to SEE OTHER COMMENTS as well. Please help.

Sir it's my humble request to restore my original I'd @arpitkamra I will not post any comment or posts that are against the community standards .

Why have all the notifications become unread?

worst change ever. plz restore it whatever change you have made otherwise i will not use this site.

Once again all my notifications have become unread. It does not show any number nut when i click on the bell icon to see the list, the entire list appears in blue, thus showing unread.

How can i see the blocked list? Is it possible to unblock someone?