PaGaLDaY Celebrations- at PG HQ ,2nd Sept,Saturday, Everyone invited

Well , you all must have seen the contests etc on the site. Its going to be a great day for all of us here celebrating 4th Anniversary of PaGaLGuY!!! Yes , 4 years ago , Allwin Agnel, got bored with Sify /Yahoo groups and decided to start a f…

Great show! :thumbsup:

How about a live webcast ?
i'll reply to that in khota's style...... hurr hurr :wink: :wink: be there or be square

me gonna be there ....ticket booking karwa diya :grin: :grin:

P.S.: btw Ts XXL ya XXXL size mein milte hai kya?
Well , you all must have seen the contests etc on the site. Its going to be a great day for all of us here celebrating 4th Anniversary of PaGaLGuY!!!


Of course lots of goodies too.Everyone who comes get a PG tee


Dilli walon ka kya hoga? 😐

Allow me to wish the team at PG a great great happy bday and this goes out to wach and every person who has ever vistied the forum/site.

I wish I was there for the celebrations but sadly so I cant be. however I shall be there in sprit and I second Gorti's idea of a live webcast.. :D


Congrats to all PGites.

Any plans of celebrating in Bangalore...and it falls on a saturday..

Bangalore Chapter guys listening???

Date : 2nd September
Venue : PG HQ
Time : As soon as the sun rises

Great going!!! Have a rawking anniversary!

Wishing all the members, Mods, PQ HQ Team and Allwin a very Happy Anniversary!

PS: I will be there the next year, when turns one-fifth of Silver Jubilee! :wink:
hey all PGs out there....
long live PG!

Three Cheers to PG.

Wouldhave loved to be there but then Dilli mein kaam karne wallon ki itni achhi kismat kahan.

But still I would like to take an opportunity to congratulate both Allwyn and PG for its success at completing 4 years and for the rocking performance that PG has been continuously delivering.

hey long live just wish i cud b... uhh wht crap...

will b there....

cheers :drinking:

We are 4... yayyyyy!!! Congratulations to this lovely forum and to the one guy who's 101 pc responsible for what we are. Wish Allwin was here on Sept 2

Anyway, as estranged_gnrs mentioned, you guys must be noticing all the changes and exciting events on the website. Lots of coffee (we did lots of night-outs at office for this) has gone behind them and I must credit...

Mahip (thewebdon) - For joining the team as Creative Director, cutting the faff and skyrocketing the Wit Quotient of the team

Bhavna Bahri ( - for the spot on work on the logo redesigns and other 4 year anniversary branding. :)

See you guys at the partyyyy... bring it on!

I'll be there too !!!

Cheers to apna ->

Wishin Allwin , PG Mods , PG Team at da PG headquarters and all da Pagal guys and Gals a very happy anniversary

ps: apun bhi shayad tapak padenga on 2nd at HQ

Lets keep soaring:angel:

Am Too Insane To Be There And Too Pagal To Be There ......


:bday: :drinking: :bday: :drinking:

3 Cheers for 'PG' & PG .....and all who put their efforts in making this forum "Rocking"

its time to :drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
insanity spreads!

Tchya Mailya....

Yeh to nainsaafi hai... Hum idhar Summit SIBM mein kaam kar rahe honge... aur tum log sab udhar maje udaaoge... Yeh jashn PG HQ par udhaar raha hamare liye...

Waise... ki taraf se Summit ko cover karne ke liye kaun aa raha hai?


great going....happy 4th aniversary

Great Goin PG!!!!

PG ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Many Congratulations to all the Mods of PG , to Allwin for such hard work!!!!!!!!!

Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Time, Three..err Four Cheers to PG

Wow.. this is a big one! I am realizing that time flies Feels like so little time has passed and wow .. 4 years have just breezed by!

I am glad that we have moved from strength to strength and are now planning and working on ever crazier stuff and are having a ball of a time doing that! The PG team is slogging days and nights to pull off all the stuff they have on their plates and its amaaaaaazing to see that all of us here on the forums still believe in what we have done all this while! :D

I so badly wish I could have been a part of this celebration! But heck, I'll make sure I can monitor you folks from here and YES, I will join in when ya dance . The guitar event by puneet and apurv will be missed by me and I need a recording! HQ junta ? How about live streaming that and also recording it just in case I/we miss it .. Hope to see the PG HQ overflowing with pagals and insanity .. Let the sugarcane juice flow .. (sidey, insider joke )