Opportunities in India post foreign MBA : Returning to India..

Hi… Has anyone given thought to returning to India after doing an MBA in the US…? How does it work out, plans etc… Ian


Has anyone given thought to returning to India after doing an MBA in the US..? How does it work out, plans etc....


Me Me Me!

But I doubt one will be able to come back before paying off the loans. Earning in rupees n paying in dollars is gonna be extremely difficult! Thats why havnt pursued this line thought aggresively.

i second Me! Me! Me!

i have no doubts that this is going to be the place in the near - medium - long term

I don't know the background of the guy but someone from Kellogg joined BCG's India practice(right after MBA) and makes about $100,000 in the Indian job market..Also, lots of people with entrepreneurial ambitions and the financial support would be coming back right after their MBA, however I don't see those people on the discussion forums

I guess most of the guys would consider earning $ or Euro to pay off loans. Then return back... But once a person works in US/Europe, he/she starts liking the environment & settles down for more years. It's only post-35 that many seriously contemplate returning to India. I can see only a member or two liking to do the same.

I have changed the title to represent the "expected" content of the thread.....giving a proper or atleast a decent thread title goes a long way in attracting the right eyeballs....:)

Hey guys,

I am also planning to come back to India as soon as possible. Probably i would like to have work ex of say 1-2 years in USA and then head back with a good experience and $$$. I a bit lucky as i don't have to worry about paying loans as i have full scholardhip and stipend to pay all the expenses.

Is there somebody who can provide insight on this issue. Or does somebody knows of a person who has returned home?


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