Only tax assistants in cbdt and cbec

A thread for tax assistants to share important information relating job post.

A thread for tax assistants to share important information relating job post.

any one got any news regarding appointment?

i appeared from nr region n got Ta rajasthan n my nomination status says under process..what do i need to do now..any news about medical and joining???

appointment i guess would be as scheduled around sept-oct or can be aug also!!

bcoz thr are lots of students whose nomination under process and the list is "List 1" . Obviously thr are more list or lists to come nd You should wait them to come on the website. 😃

no updates?

Hello Guys, Is there anyone who has exact knowledge of the job profile of TA in Cbec... i am posted in delhi.. Any expected date of joining?



any news about medical pvr of TA's in rajasthan,..has nebody received a letter yet???

@registeredok what hapeen in skill test ..ny idea?

does anyone have any information regarding TA cbdt appointment letters??

koi hai yaha

@niteshkr wat happen?
@aRuN.seHrAWat said:
@niteshkr wat happen?
tax assistant k baare m kuch batao yaar

Guy, I am selected as TA in CBEC maharastra, but i would like to work in karnataka, is there anyway i can get my work location changed? I am currectly working as software engineer with take home a aroung 60k, is it advisable to join as TA in CBEC. I would also like to know what kind of work i would be doing. your advice needed. Regards, Nagendra

i got through TA in CBDT Maharashtra.....ssc cgl 2012... have no idea about the nomination...

i went to ssc office yesterday, they said the will send the nomination to the commission next month..and joining kab aae they have no clue... hence i believe we are looking at atleast 2 months more.... any of u guys who have an idea.. how to go about it... contact numbers n all...please share.. these guys dont pick up their phones.. plz reply guys

@vbhu @n4nagendra @aRuN.seHrAWat Guys what is the critirea for place of posting supose a persons homa state is maharasjtra..
there are three zones in mah mumbai pune,nagpur..
where will he be posted..

will his place of origin/home city be considered

got TA CBEC Hyderabad.. can anybody tell me how much time it takes to become STA from TA in CBEC ??