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for ongc assitant technician reqruitment mumbai

result jaldi aayega

cut off pata nahi kitana ja sakata hai

lekin kuch questions jo puche gaye the

fundamental rights in part3 of indian constitution

magnetisation loss all of these

universal gate nand

latch is level triggered

2:1 mux have one select line

fundamental frequency is multipal of harmonics

1020 means 15% loss cp of product

2 questions on paragraph

2 questions on DI

8255 strobe mode01

successive approx max capacity 16 bit

single i/p single o/p gate not

last digit of multipliction 4

AM is a multiplication process

please join and discuss questions

1)CD drive rotate 2)dtft 3)decimation 4)


cwr register

octal max no 7

transitor on voltage 0.7

esteem opp

current gain=ib/ic

altitude 661/2

annj reasoning coding

one error finding in english

input to computer data

ghost error minimized by

hex base 16

1)TTL input voltage 5v 2)RRC distance 80 to 100m 3)p type majority hole 4)nibble 4 bit 5)corona effect shape size and surface 6)housing light 3phase and four wire 7)sclt signal printer 8)low frequency range 30k to 300k 9)woofer uses low pass filter 10)or gate A+B+C 11)pcm dm adm all digital communications techniq 12)ssb generation both filter and phase shift 13)101 decimal 5 14)2:1 mux select input one 15)transistor NPN 16)trasitor three layer 17)trasistor terminal E,B,C 18)1ev=1.62*10^-19

middle is p layer in transistor then other two layers are NPN



one or more factor changes in modulation and quantization

PET SET reasoning


1)PDM uses monostable multivibrator 2)silicon 4valace electron 3)telegraph uses fsk

bhai kiti question athvat ahe

p type majority carriers holes