OLIN 2007 Interviews and Beyond

Hi I have OLIN interview call… anyone else… or anyone who has already undergone an interview…anyone admitted… use this thread…


I have OLIN interview call...

anyone else... or anyone who has already undergone an interview...anyone admitted... use this thread...

Is this Babson Olin, or Washington Olin?

We already have a thread running for Babson -http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/babson-mba-any-acceptances-25020928




Even I have got an i/w call with an Olin faculty member who is coming down to mumbai next week....
I had applied to Olin in R2. Anyone who has applied to R1? Any success stories?? Any idea how the i/w goes on??


Hi guys,

I too have a telephonic intrvw scheduled.
Do share ur profiles here and your intvrw experiences.


hey guys,

me too ... im supposed to contact one prof. who is coming to delhi tmrw . then i have to schedule a session with him....

any1 else from delhi


Hi ,
did anyone get the admit call ?
R2 ?..


The people who had their Olin R2 interview could you please share your experiences?
I have my telephonic interview scheduled on 23d Feb so any feedback will be of great help esp Hansy77 since u had telephonic interview too.


Well for me the Olin interview lived up to the school's reputation of a close knit community school.
My interviewer really breathed in her enthu into the interview and that really helped me loosen up for the intrvw.
So dont be too worked up about it, i know as cliched as it sounds..stay cool..or atleast try to...
As for questions..well the usual ones..why mba? why olin ? your leadership expereinces...
No surprises as such...It is very important that you talk about it rather than tell them about it ...
All the Best to everyone, I too am keeping my fingers crossed :)


well said hansy...
it was more of a conversation with the interviewer. She knew a lot about India and stuff. She went into the details of work ex and learnings from it. It was almost 45 minutes but enjoyable...

Be urself guys...thts the advice

all da best

PS: I think there is some confusion... i started this thread for washington Olin.. hopefully everyones posting for the same

Hi Symbolved,
When did you interview with Olin. Anyone with an admit here ?
I was just wondering we are nearing the R2 results deadline, and no R2 admits so far ?


Thanks Hansy & symbolved for sharing your interview experience.


I had the telephonic interview yesterday and as most of u had told it was quite conversational and standard questions..Lasted abt 40 mins Brief Intro, Career progression, Leadership, Goals, Why Mba, why Olin..Community involvement etc..

SO 6 more days to go for the final results and lets keep the fingres crossed..Good Luck to all..


lets share our short profiles guys....

gmat 760
electronics and telecommunication engg(mumbai univ)
2 yrs work ex - sales and marketing (non IT)
good extra curiculars

Any 3rd Round Applicant to OLIN..??

I applied to OLIN on 22nd Jan....waiting for an interview

GMAT - 670
TOEFL - 106
BE (Computer Science & Engineering) - FCD
Extra Curriculars : Good
3.5 yrs exp (IT-ERP)

Anybody in the same boat.........???

Any R2 admits ? Guess we are close to the result deadlines...


Hi All,

I have an admit from Olin. I had applied for R1. I have got a decent scholarship as well. For R1, they sent the results to all applicants at once. I think it was on 22nd of December. I had a personal interview with one of the admission committee members. It was a formal interview. The questions were the usual ones. Why MBA? Why from Olin? She asked me a lot about my work-ex and what I wanted to do post MBA. She was writing down everything I told her. As mentioned by others here, she knew a lot about India. My suggestion for you guys: Be calm and be clear about what you want to say and enjoy the interview. All the best guys.


Congratulations for an admit and a decent scholarship buddy...!!!!

Could you please share your profile with us. So that we can have some idea about the expectations OLIN has from Indian Applicants.

Hi All,

Here is my profile:

GMAT: 690
TOEFL: 287 (CBT)
B.E (Computer Science and Engineering): aggregate of 81.5%
Work-ex: 4 years in the IT industry (2 years with a startup and 2 with an MNC)
Extras: 1 and 1/2 years of community work.

any update ????
i applied in round 2 and i have still not got any reply