Older Aspirants MBA College Admission

Hi All,

I am 30 years old and soon to be 31. I will be applying to US/India/Europe MBA colleges in next season which starts from September' 16. Currently I am planning to take GMAT.

I will like to invite older people ( from MBA College perspective) to have discussions regarding enhancing our profiles which can help us get admitted in good MBA college

Is it true that older people are less in number because in the first place applicants are less ?

What kind of profile did one get after getting out of the Top rank MBA colleges as an older candidate ?

Which B Schools are more older applicant friendly ?

What can I do to increase my chances in next cycle ?

Profile : 31 at the time of applying, Graduation : 74%, 7Y 9M experience at the time of applying. 2 years international experience. Good Leadership roles and confident of getting good recommendations. Indian IT/Male.

No Generic answers please.