Ohio state fisher - fall 2009 applicants

Hello everyone, Didnt find any thread for Fisher Fall 2009 Aspriants. So starting this thread… Let’s get started with pouring our queries and posting our profiles. Mine below : Age : 24 WEX : 4 years at Capgemini India (B…

Hello everyone,

Didnt find any thread for Fisher Fall 2009 Aspriants.
So starting this thread...

Let's get started with pouring our queries and posting our profiles.

Mine below :

Age : 24
WEX : 4 years at Capgemini India (By next fall)
GMAT : 750 (50,41) AWA 6.0
Engineer from Non.IIT/Non-NIT 2005 passout


Count me in...

Its strange that Fisher asks you to first submit your online application, and then it will ask recommenders.

Any idea, whether both should be done by Nov 15th, or its only submissoin from my side.

Usually they give a couple of days to the recommender for submitting the reference. In case you can submit the application before 15th your recommender will get more time

I have a quick question on the form .. You can choose the four times when you want to start the course .. they are spring 2009, summer 2009, autmn 2009 and winter 2009 .. are there any guidelines how to choose and what to choose

Hello all,

I am also one of the aspirants. Received interview call but haven't heard anything regarding the schedule. Anyone with interview experience ....???

Hey guys!
I am a current first year student at the Fisher college of business, the Ohio state university and I also work at the admissions office here.

You can direct your queries and concerns to me. I will be more than willing to help.

Reg the application and recommendation process, I would suggest that be prepared to send your application a few days before the dealine so that gives your recommenders some time to fill up the recommendation letters. Another thing that you can do is print out the pdf document for recommendation and hand it over to your recommenders and ask them to start filling it up and then when they recieve the link , they can simply copy paste it.

Ashutoshj- those four times for the course to begin are for part time/working professional MBA program. The full time MBA program starts only in Autumn/fall quarter.

abhi1983- If you have received interview call, you would soon recieve the schedule. The admissions office is working on it.

Let me know if there are any more doubts or concerns.

TNarang - Nice to see first year student joining in to help with the queries. Keep up the good effort.

I submitted my app on Nov 11th and have my interview on Dec 11th. Can you tell me when can I expect a decision notification from Fisher?

Decision is usually made within 2-3weeks after the interview...All the best for your interview.

Thanks TNarang...
Do you have any advice for the interview? I heard that fisher interviews do have quite a few off the wall questions....

I have not still received my schedule... I had submitted my application on 5th Nov... And regarding questions it ll be really helpful if u could guide us...


I have applied for OSU Fisher for the Nov-15 deadline. I received my interview call in the last week of November and it was slated to be in Bangalore on Dec 3rd. But due to the mumbai attacks, it was unfortunately cancelled and i was asked to schedule a Skype or Telephonic. I have scheduled a skype interview for dec 12th..
Can someone tell me what kind of questions i can expect from the OSU interviewer?
Im looking at getting a good amount of scholarship with my admit letter.
I would appreciate if someone can give me some tips to ace the interview and land an admit letter.
Also, any info on the number of apps this year?


Hi puyz,

My case is exactly similar to Mouli27. I too had an interview in Mumbai(which anyhow I could not have attended because i am in Singapore) and now have scheduled my telephonic interview on 12th Dec. Wish me luck guyz.

@charry_008, could you plz share your interview experience after you are done with it. It would be a great help to other interviewees.

Hey guys,

I have my interview on 15th... So all of you might be finished with your interviews by then :)) So please share some questions after your interview... It will be a great help....:new_scatter:


I have one bugging question. I have scheduled a skype interview.
But my laptop doesnt have a webcam. So, is it ok if i attend the skype interview without the webcam? Will it prove detrimental if i dont use a webcam? Or is there any upside if i get a webcam and use it during the interview?



I think if you can get the webcam fixed it is obviously better but not having a webcam won't have any detrimental effect on your interview. If its not possible for you to fix your webcam may be you can talk to them and schedule a telephonic interview as it would make your case clear. I know people who had a telephonic interview and they got selected last year. But they also say that Skype is their preffered mode. As I had apprehensions regarding my webcam I too have scheduled a telephonic interview.


Interview starting in 10 mins. Wish me luck! 😃

All the best buddy..:)

Hey Charry_008

How was your interview? Any off the wall questions?

The interview was good, but with interviews, I always end up feeling, it could have been better. It was with an MBA student and lasted around 45 mins. The interviewer seemed to have read my essays. There were questions on career goals, teamwork, leadership examples. None of the questions were really out of ordinary. Few different questions:

You need 2 people in the team, what qualities you would expect in them?

An innovation in your industry that has impacted the world?
Outside your work, what do you do to enhance your knowledge?
An example of a project that you were part of against your liking?
Couple of questions on Ethical behavior.
All the best to the people who have their interviews in coming days. Be confident and you will surely ace the interview.