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Dear XAT 2016 Aspirants,

This is Rahul here and I am representing XLRI Jamshedpur. XLRI has decided to reach out to all those aspirants who have been facing issues related to XAT 2016 applications. Please write down in comments below for any question you may have. You will be replied maximum within 24 hours. You can APPLY directly here: http://forms.xatonline.net.in .

Email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

You can also call us at: +91 657 665 3203/3204/3205 .



XLRI Students Help Desk

I have submitted my xat application form but haven't renamed the photo and signature as 'photo.jpeg' and 'sign.jpeg' respectively before uploading (as directed by the guidelines). Can it pose a problem? 

Do we have to apply separately for XAT 2016 and XLRI 2016-18 bm and hr programs as is the case with Nmat and NMIMS? 

I have 1.5 years work experience. Only business management and HRM are relevant to me right. or do I need to select global business management also?

Is  GMAT compulsory for applying to Global Business management ?

Hello everyone, This is Abhisek Mohanty. After 7 cat attempts and five iim rejects ,the latest being IIM Kozhikode last year, I din't apply for CAT this year. I am 30 and married. Currently Associate Manager at ANZ . Need some inspiration to fight for XAT. The idea of being the oldest in the batch sometimes dissuade me. Should i apply for XAT or focus on GMAT only. Please help.

Hey Xavier Institute of Management !

I have appeared XAT in 2014 and for some reason I needed my xat score card for some verification. As I don't have my score card of xat-2014 is it possible to get my score card.

Although i have my XAT registration id and password for it.

Please reply asap....I am in urgent need of it !



I was trying to apply for xat 2016.. form wasn't proceeding beyond tab of personal info..tried lot many times..still the same..

How good is Global Business Management (GPM) offered by XLRI Jamshedpur?

Is there any other form for XLRI that we need to fill after we have ticked on the courses we want to apply to while filling XAT form?

work exp to be entered till what date ?? what should be end date ?

I have completed application process for XAT ...and also paid...i have just recieved payment confirmtn ... no confirmtn mail as such for application submissn . Is this the case for everyone? ?

Last year we had to apply for XLRI separately, Is tat the case this year also?Or is it automatically done.

And is there any problem if I have not used "photo.jpeg" and "sign.jpeg" as the name for the photo and sign upload??

Pls reply

'XAT is like Wimbledon of MBA entrance exams, pencil-paper gives the most accurate scores '

It is no surprise that XAT 2016 continues to remain a pen paper exam when the academic examinations globally have gone online. Besides, it is also far easier to conduct an online exam than a conventional pencil-paper one.

XLRI's  Dr Munish Thakur who is in charge of XAT 2016 admitted to PaGaLGuY that it would be far more convenient and easier to hold an online version of the exam but after much debate the older version triumphed. "We gave it a thought for long but  ultimately the debate boiled down to choosing between giving "accurate scores" and "convenience". Between the two, we decided in the favor of the first choice," Dr Thakur said.

XLRI officials reasoned that, if the more favourite version of pencil paper is held on to, the accuracy of the scores could be counted on. The CAT entrance exam bring with it a host of problems - primary among them normalisation, a least understood term.  "XAT is the most fair MBA examination to check a  candidate's ability on a particular day. When there are so many test takers (like in India), it is critical to assess them as fairly as possible. We do not see any major advantage of online testing," Dr Thakur added.

The XAT in-charge further quipped: "XAT is like Wimbledon of MBA entrance examinations."

Of course, there will be changes in XAT 2016 but those are for other reasons. The aptitude test sees an increase of a half hour in duration. "That is being done to help students attempt more questions. Once students attempt more questions, it improves our confidence in differentiating an excellent candidate from a good candidate," informed Dr Thakur.

To compensate, the  number of questions may decrease by 5-8.

While XLRI is expecting registrations of 85,000 to 100,000 it is yet to be seen the final number considering the decline in interest in MBA globally. 

Some more changes expected this year is the introduction of negative marking for unattempted questions. 

In the work experience section in XAT form..it's asking for an start date and an end date..I'm not sure how to fill the end date?

Should I just fill in 31st march 2016 ?

Follow the following link for FAQs related to Global BM program at XLRI: 


Is there any point of giving xgmat if one is already giving CAT and XAT and is targeting ximb too

When will the new scheme of negative marking be announced?

Do the people who have paid their fees through online mode, need to send thier confirmation page to xlri?

Please reply asap



I am unable to fill the application form. After filling the 'Personal' page and saving it, I am unable to go to the next page. I have tried with Chrome, IE and Mozilla Firefox.

I have also contacted the help desk by phone, through blogpost and email (two days ago) but there has been no response.

Please help me out!