[Official] XAT-2014 AR/DM

Hi puys , here’s the official thread for AR/DM for XAT-14. Share your queries , solve them , discuss them , ask seniors if you don’t find any solution. Keep the faith , work hard. XAT ho…! -@A

Hi puys , here's the official thread for AR/DM for XAT-14.
Share your queries , solve them , discuss them , ask seniors if you don't find any solution.
Keep the faith , work hard.
XAT ho...!
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Mr Kamlesh Anand is the president of mockdonalds, a fast food chain that outlets across 120 cities in the country... recently, there was an article in the newspaper that claimed that oil used to cook one specific mock donalds product-beefy burger- is derived from animal fat which is cheaper than that derived from vegetable fat- a fact which is not true... this information hurt the religious sentiments of a minority group leading to protests and extensive media courage...

what is the immediate action that mr anand should do to ensure that things do not get out of hand??

1. he should sue the newspaper that featured the article on grounds of false accusations and without proper evidence.

2. he should ensure that all outlets stop selling beefy burgers, atleast until protests die down.

3. since the minority group in question does not constitute a large percentage of his customer base, he should just wait for thing to settle down.

4. either 1 or 2.

5. either 2 or 3.

Are you people interested doing DM for "101 ethical dilemmas by Martin Cohen".
seniors-is it really a help?

see the attachment

see the attachment

For right or wrong reasons, Company XYZ always made the headlines in the financial dailies and business magazines during the late 1990s. The company was headed by the 60 year old managing director Mr. Preston. He was popularly known as a 'turnaround specialist ' and had successfully turned around many sick companies within the XYZ group. By the end of financial year 1999, XYZ managed to report rising profits for four consecutive years after incurring its first ever loss of Rs 420 million in 1995. However, by the third quarter ended September 30,2000, Preston was a worried man.XYZ was once again on the downward path. The company's nine months net profits of Rs 105.5 million in 2000was substantially lower than the Rs 209.8 million recorded in 1999. Its staff costs of Rs 1.29 million (23% of net sales) was also higher as compared to Rs 1.18 million incurred in the previous year. In September 2000, XYZ was heading towards a major labour dispute as XYZ Mazdoor Union had requested the West Bengal government to intervene in what it considered to be a major downsizing exercise.The company provided employment to over 15,000 people in its manufacturing and sales operations throughout India. However, throughout its history, XYZ was plagued by perennial labor problems with frequent strikes and lockouts at its manufacturing facilities. The company incurred huge employee expenses (22% of net sales in 1999).A Competitor was far more cost-effective with salaries of its 5,000 strong workforce comprising just 5% of its turn over. When the company was in the red in 1995 for the first time, XYZ restructured the entire board and sent in a team headed by Preston. Soon after he stepped in several changes were made in the management.Indians, who held key positions in top management, were replaced with expatriates and Preston took over as managing director. They made several key changes, including a complete overhaul of the company's operations and key departments.Within two months of Preston taking over, XYZ decided to sell its headquarter building in Calcutta for Rs 195 million, in a bid to stem losses. The company shifted wholesale, planning & distribution, and the commercial department to XYZ nagar, despite opposition from the trade unions. The management team implemented a massive revamping exercise in which more than 250 managers and their juniors were asked to quit.

1.“Profits may return, but honor is difficult to regain.” was a line constantly repeated as trade union members in all locations of XYZ threatened to go on strike. What was the best course of action for Preston?

A. Ignore the trade union members as there was no legally binding agreement between the company and the union.

B. Withdraw his decision to shift specific departments to XYZ nagar and call back the employees who were asked to quit.

C. Enter into negotiations with the trade union members and draw up a long-term bipartite agreement withthem.

D. Enter into a discussion with the trade union members and agree to take back workers if they provide a guarantee on performance.

E. Enter into a discussion with the trade union members and work on convincing them of the validity of your decision.

2. Considering the low performance of XYZ in 2000, the group 's international management has decided to replace Mr. Preston with someone less controversial. This decision can be said to be

A. Incorrect, because Mr. Preston has helped turnaround the group's performance in the years that he has been heading it.

B. Correct, because Mr. Preston lacks an understanding of the Indian work culture and ethic.

C. Correct, because Mr. Preston has shown favoritism in the appointment of managers in higher positions.

D. Incorrect, because Mr. Preston has been an unbiased leader and no one can replace his charismatic personality.

E. Incorrect, because Mr. Preston is the only one who can stand his ground against the trade union.

3.“However, throughout its history, XYZ was plagued by perennial labor problems with frequent strikes andlockouts at its manufacturing facilities. ” This could be a result of:

-----A strong but not well-enforced resources and labour relations policy.

-----A weak human resources and labour relations policy.

-----A strong labour union and weak management.

-----The decision to move the wholesale planning and distribution to XYZnagar.

A. Only 1

B. Only 2

C. Both 1 and 2

D. 1, 2 and 3

E. All of the given statements.

4.Given the information in the caselet, how could the restructuring of the board been better handled?

A. Communication of the decisions to the employees – use of a softer approach and more time given to implementing the decision.

B. Communication of problems with employees followed by a participatory approach in decision making.

C. Use of a mediator who would convey the managerial decisions to the trade union workers.

D. Hiring of an external human resources consultant to share the managerial decisions with the employees and ensure implementation.

E. Hiring of an external human resources consultant to help initiate an organizational development process and introduce change.

does anybdy have the 101 ethical dilemmas with question & answer pdf?????? plsss send me.... really need this.....😁

Time to put the forum back on Fire, Puys and Pals!!! Lets get the ball rolling!!

Does anyone has XAT 2013 paper?

Anyone reading ethical dilemma book here??
I m nt getting how to start the book :banghead:

help needed guyz.

Hello Puys,

I have one confusion while filling up registaration form in XAT.

In column of First name,Middle name,Last name : they mention that name should be same as

recorded in your Class X certificate.

But in Registration Form(online), There is seperate columns of First name ,Middle name and Last name.

But in my Xth certificate : Name format is like - Last name,First name,Middle name.


Vijay is my First name

Manishbhai is my middle name

Parmar is my last name

As per Xth Certificate my name is :

1) Parmar Vijay Manishbhai(written on Xth certificate-last name,first name,middle name)

But in Xat Registration Form

2) Vijay Manishbhai Parmar (First name,middle name,last name)

What should I write,please help me.

what are the minimum attempts and accuracy levels in each of the sections of XAT to get 90 percentile??

The postal service is badly mismanaged. Forty years ago, first-class letter

delivery cost only three cents. Since then, the price has increased nearly tenfold,

with an actual decrease in the speed and reliability of service.

Each of the following statements, if true, would tend to weaken the argument

above EXCEPT:

(A) The volume of mail handled by the postal service has increased dramatically

over the last forty years.

(B) Unprecedented increases in the cost of fuel for trucks and planes have put

severe upward pressures on postal delivery costs.

(C) Private delivery services usually charge more than does the postal service for

comparable delivery charges.

(D) The average delivery time for a first-class letter four decades ago was

actually slightly longer than it is today.

(E) The average level of consumer prices overall has increased more than 300

percent over the last forty years.

is it necessary to take CL XAT DM booklet & FLT's frm the branch where i hv registered or can we take them frm any branch by showing CL id...?

is the negative marking in GK section will affect the main score or it is considered as seperate?? please reply guys very confused

Can anyone mail me any pdf useful in preparing for General awareness section in XAT