This is the Offcial Group for all the WAT-PI Call getters from IIM Raipur.

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Wat PI preparatory kit has been provided to the shortlisted students along with a link for Mentorship Programme. If you didn't receive the mail, kindly check SPAM.


Guys please update this tracker will help us all in tracking calls and in decision making at later stage..TIA


and do share as much as you can..

https://youtu.be/bw114snpGrk International Exchange Program 2018 13 Countries 19 Partnering Universities 54 Students and Memories for a life time... A journey through the eyes of our champs.


CAT 98.31

X/XII/Grad - 85.2/

had a avearage WAT 

PI was 50-50 with respect to Curr affair/Academics/Work questions !

Though changed 3 companies in 4  yrs experience so were asking why u changed, also said why u changed in nov 2017 if u were gonna join Management

My answer was for role but doent seems convinced and grilled a lot for changing !

Chances for conversion ?

does one needs to have a minimum score in PI to be eligible for new iims


NC OBC  - Male 

CAT O.A 79.55 

10/12/Engg - 77/77/8.12

Work Ex - 29 months - IT Consultancy

Average Wat - PI

Even in worst scenario, 

Any chances for final conversion ??


Cat OA- 75.81

10/12/Non-engg- 90.6/69.6/63.2


Average wat and good PI

Chances of conversion?

GEM  score 97.44 10/12/btech. 95/92.4/79.8 18 months experience Wat was good Pi was full of generic questions which I answered What are the chances based on my profile ??

CAT OA 95.47 General, engineer, female. 10th 95%, 12,th 93.5, grad 71.6. (Referring to the person who went before me) Was he giving you tips? Me: No, we were wishing each other good luck. Panelist 1: Haha. What're people outside talking about this panel. Me: I've not really talked about questions, but good feedback (I stammered tho) P1: (I was the last member in the panel) We've been interviewing a lot of people, what do you think, will our tiredness have an impact on your interview? Me: (thought for a couple of seconds) Umm.. no sir I don't think so. You'll never know when you might find the right person. P1: Aparna so take some time and tell something about yourself that is interesting and we should know Me: talked about all my internships/roles wherein I was working with/leading a team P2: people are talking a lot about digitalisation, what is this digitalisation? Me: talked about digital transactions, android not very secure for this, WhatsApp also introduced payments, but ironically internet is placed in the semi luxury slab P3: how do you know it's in the semi luxury slab? Does it have a tax? Me: when I was reading about impact of gst on various sectors I've read that it's placed under this slab, not sure about the exact tax rate, though. Also gave an example of how vegetable vendors are taking orders through WhatsApp and are using paytm. It's still growing but at a slow pace P1: So you're from information technology. What's your favourite subject? Me: C, java. Also developed a website related to CAT. P1: Tell me difference between LAN and WAN. Me: gave basic difference. Got cross questions, fumbled big time. P3: What's the impact of demonetisation on economy Me: talked about how digitalisation is growing but black money is still not curbed, gave example for the same. P2: one last question. What do you think is lining aadhar to everything about. Is it a good or a bad move? Me: talked about how network providers already have our data and can track where we're located, how we give bio metric data to various offices, how linking aadhar to everything can reduce tax evaders.


@DasAbhra NC OBC Male B.TEch CAT- 88.14 , 10/12/grad - 93.8/88.8/72.6

Work ex- 7 Very good WAT/ Avg PI.........I left my job also :(

Any chance? Please help me :( i m depressed

Read somewhere that IIM Raipur have dormitory type arrangements for their students above their academic block to stay in. Is that true, or is there a separate hostel available now?

..B.COM Fresher (General)

CAT - 98.48 (All sectionals above 94)

X/XII/Grad - 83.6/87/69.7

Above Average WAT

Not so good PI.. Was not able to answer GK questions. Rest I answered and extempore was good 

Chances of conversion? Really tensed please help :( 

Xth score-86.2 12th-97.3 UG-B.Tech Mechanical CGPA-8.2212 Work EX-30 Months General male CAT Score Overall-96.87 VARC-97.65 DILR-88.03 QA-94.95 Avg WAT and Good PI .What are my chances of conversion??

Cat 98.05 with 94+ sectionals.Gem.93.1/90/71.71 in 10/12/btech with 8 months work ex.Wat was ok ok but pi was good.Chances of conversion?

is there any official whatsap group? if so please share

Ncobc Cat 88.28 X 9.4cgpa XII 92.2% Bcom 64.5% ncfm certification 4 module completed wat/pi was average(not able to ans 2 technical ques out of 7 as far as i remember) is there any chance cuz i am a fresher


  What are chances of conversion, GEM candidate with CAT OA 96.33, 10/12/Grad - 74/65/75, 42 months of WorkEx, Average WAT, Good PI