Greetings and a very warm welcome to all of you on behalf of the IIM Raipur Admissions Team!! This is the first step towards your entry into one of India's premier B-schools. Congratulations to all of you who have made it this far. We will guide and help you through these last few stages, wherein we will bring to you from our vast reserves of experiences the tools needed to crack this final stage of the ardous journey you have decided to take that lead you to IIM RAIPUR. Through this forum we will bring to you all the neccessary GD WAT PI equipments that you will require along with answering any doubts that you may have going forward.

When will the shortlist for WAT/PI be announced?

is this this year's group?

I have all my sectionals above 80%le and my overall CAT is 96.04%le. My academics are also good. 10/12/engineering - 10cgpa/96.70%/89.00%. I am a female. Can someone give some insights as to why I was not shortlisted?

I am a fresher

 Hi everyone, we the Admissions Committee of IIM Raipur would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to some due to the technical glitches in  our servers.

We have notified the Admissions Office and we are working on it to get the issues fixed at the earliest.Please bear with us for the time being and by tomorrow evening the issues and glitches will be rectified.

In the mean time refer to below posts by the Admission Team IIM Raipur for other doubts and queries related to Admission.

Welcome to our official page from wherein we will be taking you all into the next step of the Admission Process for IIM Raipur.

Here we will answer all your doubts and queries along with giving you key insights into how to go about cracking the WAT PI puzzle and thus take you one step closer to your goal of cracking an IIM.

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is there gd too ? along with wat pi??   on FB page it shows gd wat pi.....plz clarify....

97.97  all sectional above 94%ile  ..no call

Will new IIMS consider 'Best of All ' scores from Old iims or 'Average of all scores'?

 Shortlisted. Further process details? 

hey i got shortlisted 

does that mean i got a call letter from your college

and could you shed some light on the further procees please

like estimated dates for wat-pi


My IIM CAP interview is clashing with MDI. Does IIM entertain requests to change interview date? 

Thanks in advance. :) :)

hi @raunaksen_16pgp how can I add myself to FB group to attend wat pi video session??

I have been shortlisted for WAT-PI. I am pursuing MMS from SIMSREE. I have submitted my original documents to college when I took admission. As I don't have documents with me now, will provisional letter will do or do I need to get them back from college? Also what is the last date to fill the CAP form?

 Hi Folks, we will be starting with our second interactive session on Marketing at 08.30pm today. Stay tuned to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IIM-Raipurs-Bell-the-CAT-Tips-1283557711685779/


@raunaksen_16pgp @Isha_16pgp Work ex is calculated till what month? 31 Jul 16 as in CAT form or 31 Jan 17?

Whilr calculating CAT score wiegtage (32%) the denominator will be (1) highest marks - 300 or (2) highest marks obtained (287) or (3) highest mark obtained by the person who has applied to IIM Raipur?

guys plz help...In UG I was class representative for 4 sems 2nd to 5th and I can get bonafide from college for the same....will that be of any help....I mean should I mention this ??

Hi folks, In our endeavour to assist you in your WAT/GD/PI preparations, we the Admissions Committee of IIM Raipur are here with yet another series "What to EXPECT in WAT/GD/PI" - a 7 day article series on WAT/GD/PI experiences and Current Affairs. So do visit "IIM Raipur's 'Bell the CAT' Tips" page on Facebook everyday from 11th Feb 2017 to 17th Feb 2017 @ 7 PM.

Hi folks,

Please find the link to slideshare for the PPTs presented during the live interactive sessions. We have PPTs on Marketing, Finance, Current Affairs & Union Budget 2017, which will have all the basic material you might require for your WAT/GD/PI preparation.

Marketing: http://www.slideshare.net/…/marketing-basics-05th-feb-iimra…

Current Affairs: http://www.slideshare.net/…/current-affairs-08th-feb-iimrai…

Finance & Economics: http://www.slideshare.net/…/finance-amp-economics-11th-feb-…

Union Budget: http://www.slideshare.net/F…/vrittam-the-budget-special-2017