Official Verbal Thread CAT 2015

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling, here is one more step closer to your success!

The major areas of medicine in which lasers are effective is in cutting and closing of blood vessels, and in the destruction of tumors.


Nowadays, almost everyone is equipped with a mobile phone, mainly because mobile phones offer a fast and convenient way of communication. It has become a standard appliance for most persons. However, a new study reports that mobile phones are not completely safe and their use has occasionally resulted in serious diseases. Because of this, some consumer advocates argue that mobile phones should not be so readily accepted as a standard appliance until they can be certified to be completely safe.

Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the argument of the consumer advocates?

The boys baseball team at a local college finished fifth in its division, prompting the college to fire the team's coach. The coach responded by saying that the teams performance put it among the top teams in the country.

Which of the following,if true would most support the coach and resolve the apparent contradiction?

Something must be done to ease traffic congestion. In traditional small towns, people used to work and shop in the same town in which they lived ; but now that stores and workplaces are located far away from residential areas. People cannot avoid traveling long distances each day. Traffic congestion is so heavy on all roads that, even on major highways where the maximum speed averages only 35 miles per hour.

Which one of the following proposals if brought into effect would best achieve the authors desired goal?

Armed with the talents of a high intellect, an actor with extraordinary gifts and an ingenious criminal, Glen Callisterplayed an overbearing role in the sensationalisation of crime during the later part of the 20th century in the Indian sub continent.

A ghost is often called what?

The committee on sexual discrimination in the workplace has highlighted Supremo Company as a chief offender. Of the twenty senior executives in the firm, only one is a woman. And of the forty junior executives, only five are female.

Supremo could best defend itself against the charges by showing that

Josh has twenty years of typing experience behind him; therefore, if you are looking for an efficient typist to enter your data into the new system, you need look no further.

The speaker assumes that

It has been suggested that long-term prisoners, on release from jail, be given a reasonable state pension to reduce the likelihood of their resorting to crime. Most people instinctively reject the suggestion as they feel it would be like rewarding criminal activity.

The supporters of the prisoners' pension scheme have criticized those who reject this possibility, by claiming that for the critics.......

Which of the following is the most logical completion of the sentence above?

It is not unusual to see the ball fall into a black slot on a roulette wheel four times in a row. But for it to fall five or six times in a row into the same color is very unusual. Therefore you can win money by waiting for a run of five of the same color and then betting against that color.

If the roulette wheel in question is a fair wheel, which of the following observations or facts, if it were true, would best reveal a fallacy in the logic?

Considered to be one of the brightest upcoming legal scholars, Douglas Kysar has written countless articles on environmental law and policy; his writings, which include a book with renowned law professor Daniel Esty, is cited more often than most other young legal scholars.

Although most large public relations firms can afford to run information technology centers in-house, some niche firms are discovering that the cost associated with maintaining an information technology staff and from continuously improving hardware and software are larger than they initially estimated.

Studies of fatal automobile accidents reveal that, in the majority of cases in which one occupant of an automobile is killed while another survives, it is the passenger, not the driver, who is killed. It is ironic that the innocent passenger should suffer for the driver's carelessness, while the driver often suffers only minor injuries or none at all.

Which of the following is an assumption underlying the reasoning in the passage above?

(A) In most fatal automobile accidents, the driver of a car in which an occupant is killed is at fault.

(B) Drivers of automobiles are rarely killed in auto accidents.

(C) Most deaths in fatal automobile accidents are suffered by occupants of cars rather than by pedestrians.

(D) Auto safety experts should increase their efforts to provide protection for those in the passenger seats of automobiles

ANS is A is said that assumptions are not directly stated but A is stated "careless driver" ...any idea guys ??

Recent studies have highlighted the harmful effects of additives in food (colors, preservatives, flavor enhancers etc.). There are no synthetic substances in the foods we produce at Munchon Foods – we use only natural ingredients. Hence you can be sure you are safeguarding your family’s health when you buy our products.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the contention of Munchon Foods?

Early data on seat-belt use showed that seat-belt wearers were less likely to be killed in road accidents. Hence, it was initially believed that wearing a seat-belt increased survival chances in an accident. But what the early analysts had failed to see was that cautious drivers were more likely to wear the belts and were also less likely to cause ‘big accidents’, while reckless drivers were more likely to be involved in ‘big’ accidents and were less likely to wear the belts.

Which of the following, if true, could an opponent of the view presented above best cite as a reason for recommending continued use of seat-belts?

French cuisine is highly regarded all over the world. Yet in Paris there are more American restaurants selling burgers and fries (which many people now class as ‘junk food’) than there are in any other European capital city. Obviously the French are very fond of ‘junk food’, and are not too proud to eat it.

Which of the following, if true, would most weaken the author’s contention?

Samuel is obviously a bad fisherman. During the past season, in which he and the five members of his team spent four months on a boat together off Dutch Harbor, AK, he caught fewer fish than any of his teammates.

Which of the following, if true, most weakens the argument above?

Written in Austria in 1762, the composer of Symphony No. 5 was a brilliant musician, Franz Joseph Haydn, who many later called the "Father of the Symphony" for his contribution to classical music while court musician for the Esterhazy family.

RC : Marketing executives in television work with a relatively stable advertising medium. In many ways, the television ads aired today are similar to those aired two decades ago. Most television ads still feature actors, still run 30 or 60 seconds, and still show a product. However, the differing dynamics of the Internet pose unique challenges to advertisers, forcing them to adapt their practices and techniques on a regular basis.

In the early days of Internet marketing, online advertisers employed banner and pop-up ads to attract customers. These techniques reached large audiences, generated many sales leads, and came at a low cost. However, a small number of Internet users began to consider these advertising techniques intrusive and annoying. Yet because marketing strategies relying heavily on banners and pop-ups produced results, companies invested growing amounts of money into purchasing these ad types in hopes of capturing market share in the burgeoning online economy. As consumers became more sophisticated, frustration with these online advertising techniques grew. Independent programmers began to develop tools that blocked banner and pop-up ads. The popularity of these tools exploded when the search engine Google, at the time an increasingly popular website fighting to solidify its place on the Internet with giants Microsoft and Yahoo, offered free software enabling users to block pop-up ads. The backlash against banner ads grew as new web browsers provided users the ability to block image-based ads such as banner ads. Although banner and pop-up ads still exist, they are far less prominent than during the early days of the Internet.

A major development in online marketing came with the introduction of pay-per-click ads. Unlike banner or pop-up ads, which originally required companies to pay every time a website visitor saw an ad, pay-per-click ads allowed companies to pay only when an interested potential customer clicked on an ad. More importantly, however, these ads circumvented the pop-up and banner blockers. As a result of these advantages and the incredible growth in the use of search engines, which provide excellent venues for pay-per-click advertising, companies began turning to pay-per-click marketing in droves. However, as with the banner and pop-up ads that preceded them, pay-per-click ads came with their drawbacks. When companies began pouring billions of dollars into this emerging medium, online advertising specialists started to notice the presence of what would later be called click fraud: representatives of a company with no interest in the product advertised by a competitor click on the competitor's ads simply to increase the marketing cost of the competitor. Click fraud grew so rapidly that marketers sought to diversify their online positions away from pay-per-click marketing through new mediums.

Although pay-per-click advertising remains a common and effective advertising tool, marketers adapted yet again to the changing dynamics of the Internet by adopting new techniques such as pay-per-performance advertising, search engine optimization, and affiliate marketing. As the pace of the Internet's evolution increases, it seems all the more likely that advertising successfully on the Internet will require a strategy that shuns constancy and embraces change.

Q. According to the passage, which of the following best describes the current status of pop-up ads?

A)Widely used

B)Less popular now than at earlier times

C)A frequent target of click fraud

D)Non-existent due to pop-up blockers

E)Increasingly popular due to search engines

Q.The author implies what about the future of pay-per-performance advertising?

A)Although it improves on pay-per-click advertising, it is still vulnerable to click fraud

B)It will one day become extinct as Internet users discover drawbacks with it

C)Internet users will develop free software to block its effectiveness

D)It will eventually become less popular with advertisers as the Internet evolves and drawbacks emerge

E)It will not face drawbacks due to its differing approach to online marketing

Q.Which of the following most accurately states the main idea of the passage?

A)Although pay-per-click advertising remains a wide-spread and effective online advertising medium, its popularity is likely to diminish as the Internet evolves.

B)Internet advertising is not well received by Internet users, causing independent programmers to subvert advertisers.

C)Unlike the television, the Internet has experienced dramatic changes in short periods of time.

D)Unlike the television, the Internet has evolved rapidly, forcing online marketers to develop new advertising strategies and mediums.

E)The pace of the Internet's evolution is increasing and will only increase in the future.

Q. According to the passage, which of the following best describes the practice of click fraud?

A) Clicking on the banner advertisements of rival companies B) Using software to block advertisements

C) Utilizing search engine optimization to visit the pages of competitors

D) Fraudulently purchasing products online

E) Clicking on the pay-per-click ads of competitors