[Official] TISS M.A. in Organisation Development, Change and Leadership (ODCL)

Official thread for the ODCL programme. Please share your questions, discuss and we will help you out in the best way possible.

     endeavours to create a new generation of global leaders who are adept at both people and business. ODCL Students will gain a deeper understanding about themselves and a thorough knowledge of organisational strategy, operational excellence and the interplay of systems and  people processes. This is in addition to creating an in-depth understanding  of functional knowledge across the management disciplines. The learning methodology is heavily tilted in favour of experiential learning through intensive “Field Immersions" across organisations. Students will have hands on exposure to different business functions during the field immersion  in varied industries.  Renowned national and international academicians, in addition to reputed practitioners from the industry, as we practice in our OD& Change Executive programme ( https://www.facebook.com/csoltiss/ ) would facilitate class room sessions. The programme adopts a customised approach to student development and provides individual coaches to students. There will be opportunities for students to work across  virtual teams in collaboration with top universities across the globe to enhance their cross cultural competence. Over two years, this program blends multi-disciplinary formal and collaborative learning with human interaction labs, research dissertation and situated learning  experiences in social sector organisations and small medium enterprises. The MA in Organisation Development, Change and Leadership (ODCL)programme focusses on nurturing next generation leaders who can understand the new world as a system of interacting components that impact each other in significant but often underutilized ways; opening doors for more holistic, effective and innovative leadership for businesses and Societies. This programme aims at attracting the learners of the world who can explore, exchange, experience and evolve. The programme gives ample learning opportunities for the participants to transform both personally and professionally.

 For further details, please go through the link: http://admissions.tiss.edu/view/10/admissions/ma-admissions/master-of-arts-organisational-development/       

If you are wondering about career prospects please bear in mind that we cannot give placement stats for the programme that is being newly launched. What we can tell you for a fact is the career paths of the executives which have taken the programme. 


any idea about MA ODCL fees ?

Hi can any help me out with my work ex as it is written work ex will be counted only after graduation so after graduation means after my exams are over or after my result is declared. Pls help regarding this. Thanks in advance!

Anyone shortlisted for ODCL Hyderabad? How is the course, placements and ROI?

Shortlisted for ODCL Mumbai campus! anyone else? 

Somebody please make a group in Wats app for ODCL and share an invite link here so that we can have a live discussion..

can somene help when do mumbai candidates have their pit/pi on February 27  to March 1, 2018 OR March 5 to 10, 2018
(Mumbai and BALM, Chennai) 

Does this mean 27-1 march for mumbai and 5-10 march BALM? @TISS

Anyone shortlisted for ODCL Hyderabad? How is the course, placements and ROI?

Does the required work experience needs to be in a particular field? Anyone has some idea? 

Just wanna know how long will be the field work in each semester?

Anyone for ODCL Hyderabad?

Any ideas like what are the roles that we could move into after ODCL at TISS? Any specific sector?


Anyone for 1-March? Want to share accomodation ??

ODCL Hyderabad... 20th March... Anyone?

ODCL Hyderabad- 21st March Anyone? For acccomodation sharing

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  • fresher non btech female
  • fresher non btech male
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Anyone from Chennai? Interview at Hyderabad on 20th of March...

Can the TISS interviews be rescheduled if the interview date clashes with another interview?