(Official) TIME AIMCAT 1818

Hello guys! This group is to discuss the upcoming AIMCAT 1818. (09.07.17 and 10.07.17)

My AIMCAT link is still not active. Anybody getting same error?

I registered for 9th july free aimcat, now they are asking for access code. What to do?




145. Took a mock after a gap, lost the rhythm. 

I had booked a slot at 3 PM today and the link is still active. Will I be able to appear for the mock tonight?? As the end date is showing tomorrow.

VA : 72 DI: 33 QA : 19 OA: 124




QA 42 kya ho kya gaya h is section ko

OA 148 :( No ane band ho gaye achanak!


DILR  39

QA 21

OA 132

Messed up DILR and QA as too many people and a crazy dog running around the house and the test got submitted 20 mins earlier:D :(

could have scored much better in DILR without the disturbances..I'm not good in QA anyway but missed out on DILR !

Was VARC easy this time? Everyone scoring so high in it

VA-51 (18R/7W)

LRDI-40(14R/2W) :( very easy 

QA-18(7R/5W) ;(Nightmare..


the overall level was easy , QA to lgata hi h har baar is baar LRDI ne b lga di..!

How did you ppl fond this aimcat?

VARC - 58 (21/31)

LRDI -  58 (20/23)

QA   -  32 (13/24) :( pta nhi kya ho rha hai. 

OA -    148 

AIMCAT 1818-

VARC -  92 (34A,31R)

LRDI -   52(22A,18R)

QA   -   52(21A,18R)

OA   -  196

Seemed to be moderately difficult. Happy regarding choice of passages in LRDI. Verbal on the easier side. Remains to see how it measures out to be.





I am anyway weak in LRDI, hence no feeling sad about this. But Quants was being easy for the first time for me. It was just 10 minutes into the test and 6 questions were down already. I was pretty sure QA will be the savior for me this time. But then f***k happened. Due to sudden disturbance in the house and small child disturbing me  like hell, I had to close the test with 50 minutes still remaining. Filling downright depressed.

Can I, by any chance, re attempt the test? I know this sounds silly. But can I? The Time guys can anyway check the time spent by me in the test. So will they consider?

Also, can I seperately register for the free AIMCAT that was scheduled to happen today? Or is it too late already?

 AIMCAT 1818

VARC -  45 (20A,16R)

LRDI -   49(20A,17R)

QA   -   18(17A,8R) - bewaafai :( chullu bhar pani lao koi :/

OA   -  112 - aise na chalega

VA: 61 (22/30)

DILR: 48 (17/22), Accuracy went for a toss!!

QA: 39 (14/22) WTF!!

OA: 148 (53/74)!!! Just the kind of day that you don't want!!!


VARC 56 (20C, 9W)

DILR 60 (21C, 4W)

QA 34 (13C, 9W) :cry: Wow. Don't know what happened here.

OA 150 (54C, 22W)


VARC : 77 (26R 6W) 😄 

LRDI  : 42 (15R 6W)  🙈


QA    :  31 (11R 6W) 🙈 🙈  ab to bs sir hi patak skte he kahi jaake 

OA    : 150 (52R 18W)  🙈 🙈 🙈 

           varc ne izzat bacha li vrna do kaudi ka gaya ye mock...eye opener...

           padhna shuru krde haraami ab to 🙈 

VARC 44 DILR 48 QA 32 O.A 124

AIMCAT 1818 -

VARC: 25A 18C = 52

DILR: 16A 15C = 45 (felt easy dunno why) :( 

QA: 21A 17C = 49 (dunno what happened here) :'( 

OA: 62A 50C = 146 :( 

A bad weekend of mocks..

AIMCA 1818

VARC 34 (And the unpredectibility continues :'( )  

DI 57 

 QA 56 (tumne bhi aaj saath na diya)

OA 147 

A mock after long time. Also felt the diff of taking a mock in a center.

P.S - Hey Bhagwan agli baar koi sundar ldki saath mat bithaana :p