Official Thread - IIMB PGPEM Aspirants - Class of 2023-25

To give a sense of purpose to the aspirants of IIMB PGPEM 2023-25 batch.
We should get together to help each other solve any query that we might have to reach our goal.

PS : Description copied from last year’s post


Interview shortlist results are expected by Friday. We can expect to receive it tomorrow or max Friday.


Yes, that’s what I got to know when I called.
Please keep the thread posted incase anyone gets a call or if we can create a WhatsApp group, whatever works.


Has anyone created a watsapp group?

Not yet, can anyone send a link, so that we can join

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Hi please add 7032082370
I just had a call with the admissions office they have informed me that the results would be out saturday


Pls remove underscore

I called admissions office several times since Feb 5. They are replying with “Results will be declared by this weekend”. Since just 2 more days left in the week, it would be better if we post the details of our peodiles here.

Academic percentages
Work-ex duration

My GRE: 325
Graduation percentages: 57.3%
Work-ex: 14 years

Hey, can you please add me


Hi, can you please add 7019207296 on the WhatsApp group

I am shortlisted.

You may check the PI-WAT shortlist results by clicking the following link.

Hi WhatsApp admin

Can you please add me in IIMB PGPEM 2023-2025 WhatsApp group?

Hi, Any update on the offers and shortlist? I took the interview on Feb-25. Per the IIM-B website, the offers & waitlist would be announced on March 06th. Just curious to know if the final offers/waitlist are out

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I had called them up on last Friday and they had said they are delayed and results should be out early this week. May be Tuesday(14th March).


Oh! Ok. Thanks a lot for the update.


Results are out!


Is there a link? Or one would get an e-mail?

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Where should we check the results?