Official Thread - IIMB EPGP 9 aspirants - Class of 2017-18

Hello aspirants!! We are the current (2016-17) student batch of IIMB EPGP - One year full time residential program. We welcome you to post your queries/discussion topics about this course and we will try our best to help. All the very best!!

Hello folks!! We are the current (2016-17) student batch of IIMB EPGP - One year full time residential program. We welcome you to post your queries/discussion topics about this course and we will try our best to help.. Thanks!!

Hi folks, Great opportunity to know more about what one year MBA @ IIMB is all about and where it can take you. EPGP Information Sessions are scheduled in different cities for 2017-18 batch, as mentioned below: Mumbai: Sunday 5th June - 10 am to 12 noon - Half Centrum, MVIRDC, World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai Bangalore: Sunday 5th June -  10 am to 12 noon - IIM Bangalore Auditorium · Delhi : Sunday 12th June -  10 am to 12 noon - Conference Room 1- India International Centre, Delhi Hyderabad: Sunday 19th June – 10am to 12 noon- Radisson HiTech City, Hyderabad Pune: Sunday 03 July – 10 am to 12 noon – Ibis Hotel, Viman Nagar Road, Pune This information has also been updated on the website and aspirants can register to attend in any of these locations by clicking on the following link:

Hi Guys 

I am planning to apply for the IIM B EPGP course this year . IS IIMB a good option if I want to get into consulting, or is it better to look for senior positions after IIMB EPGP ? What kind of roles do companies like Microsoft offer ?

Hi all, 

I got interview call from IIM B EPGP. Can someone guide on how to be best prepared for it?

@EPGP_IIMB Have all the interview calls been rolled out for round 1 of EPGP 2017?

Found some interview experiences -

Have all the call rolled out??

What are the profiles of the people who got interview calls?

So how many with just 5 yrs of experience or less got the call? 

Hey Puys!! We are a group of current students of EPGP. It's time for R1 and R2 applicants to gear up. R1 candidates for interview preparation and R2 candidates for application. Please feel free to contact us if you have queries.

Hygiene questions/factors which you cannot afford to miss during practice Why MBA: You must be able to corroborate your decision about doing MBA as a logical deduction based on the things you have done in the past and as a bridge to your future aspirations Why IIMB: You can try to be creative but be realistic and truthful at the same time. The interviewers are some of the best minds in the country and have interviewed hundreds of candidates before you. Fair knowledge about the company you are currently working and the company you worked before is expected e.g. Since I worked in Maruti, I was asked about Manesar violence which happened in July 2012. So be prepared! Your ability to keep calm in the pressure situations can also be checked, some people call it stress interview. However always be confident of the fact that if you have been called for an interview, your resume and SOP certainly speaks about the qualities which are required for an admit. The onus lies on you to keep your calm during interview, be yourself and stay positive throughout. Although not everyone is asked about, but general knowledge about current affairs might prove to be useful. Look smart, be in the business formals and carry your confidence through your words and your attire. Last and most important, Be truthful. All the best!!

Considering interviews happening on 2 days 24th and 25th Sep in two slots in 4 cities(Mumbai, Bangalore,Kolkata, Delhi). It means 16 slots oF interview happening overall. If atleast 5 candidates are interviewed at one  morning slot(approx 45 min for one interview) then we can assume  around 80-100 candidates are called for IIM B interview. So for 35 seats 100 students(approx) would be competing in R1.


I have a provisional certificate. Although I should have got the final degree certificate by now.

Would this be a problem in the interview process?


Are we suppose to submit Official GMAT Scores via GMAC to IIMB now, before interview or can it be submitted once the offers for final selection are rolled out?

Hi .... any idea when the skype interviews for students staying outside India will be scheduled? I got confirmation for the interview 10 days back and I also gave my credentials like skype id etc., but haven't got the date yet. I am assuming it would be held during the weekend of 24/25 Sep. Could you please confirm?

Looking at the thread, it seems that the interview calls have been rolled out. So people with who got no intimation/ communication from IIMB have to assume rejection?

Really wierd way of communication from a top MBA school, isn't it?

 I have five years of work experience. Is that a disadvantage? As average work exp is 7-9 years. Please suggest.I have my interview on 24th September. 

  Hello Team,

 I am currently out of India and i have opted for a Skype interview. I received a mail with interview selection and they asked for my details as in time zone and all. But they have not communicated the date to me yet. I called up IIM B office last week and they told me that ¡ will get a mail. It’s already 22nd and everyone’s interview is scheduled this weekend and i am yet to get the date. 

Please suggest when will i get the interview date.  

For all the inquisitive and adrenaline rushed candidates out there who have thier interviews lined up from tommorow..we, IIMB EPGP current batch are putting some of our interview experiences here..Hope they will satiate some of ur queries.. Keep your calm and be yourself on the big day!! All the very best to all of you out there..