Official Thread for certificate in Financial research by Copal Institute

Hi All, I am starting this thread as an official thread for all queries regarding the Certificate in Financial research by Copal Institute. As I myself got suggestion for admission in this institute from someone on pagalguy. The Copal In…

Certification seems interesting at first sight.I am getting a feel that after completing the certfication opportunities will open in "KPO" sector.Copal is also promising to conduct interview in thier departments.But I ready somwhere on a post that the working environment in copal is not good means long working hours and low salaries etc.

But I would say if somebody wants to switch from current profile then it is a good opportunity.


Yup certification is quite interesting as it will be purely a financial research program which would be practical based i.e involving live projects, working with copal's various divisions etc. And one more USP of the program is that we will be given an opportunity to be interviewed with their division of our choice.

One of my friend who is working in Copal Partners, only told me about this course. She is assisstant vice president in 5 years and importantly she is only a graduate like me. So I believe that she must be getting a good package as well as growth that why she recommended me this course.

This is also a good course for those who want to switch the industry as you said. And also for those who are MBA's,CFA's as they will be offered a high package.



Hi Nids,

As you said your friend is in Copal and she is assistant VP.Don't you think hierarchy is very short that one graduate becomes assistant VP within 5 years.

But what I read on a thread that most of the work in copal is of data punching accompanied by long working hours (no Saturday and Sunday)

What is your opinion?

Hi Kk,

Copal is in the services industry therefore growth is quite huge irrespective of no. of years spent to get a top position. It depends upon how you perform and deliver.

Nopes work is not only data punching , there is lot more to it. And 1 saturday in a month is working & sundays off. this is wat my friend is having and others as well.

Rest will get to know once I will


Hey Sam,

Copal Institute is starting its weekend batch on 3rd December. I think its too difficult to manage both. Where have you enrolled for MBA?
As both demands you to be regular and devote time.Its not possible but will be very hectic for you.
Its an added advantage if you do this course along with your MBA but that totally depends upon you,whether you will be able to devote time or not.

Gud Luck..

Hey All,

Just wanted to thank many people who recommended me to join Copal Institute's certificate in financial research course. I am liking the work and alos the culture of the organization. And our batch has got 100% placements & also the current batch students have gotten placement and some of them are on the floor already before there course has finished.:)

So guys I would like you to also go through the website for the course details. As many of my friends have joined MBA and are not happy wid the placement they have got so they have simulatenously enrolled for this course to get a job opportunity at Copal.



hi Nids
Iam neeraj, i got the admission in copal,will you suggest me to join the course, will they provide placement and what will be the package, i am working in ICICI bank i will be resigning if iam going to join this course will you suggest me to do this

Hi Neeraj,

Congratulations for ur admission at Copal Institute. As I suggested one of my frnd as well who was not selected for the program. I would suggest you to go for this course blindly as I myself have done this course.

I am very happy with the profile which I have got and also the remuneration. I can't comment on the package but all my classmates have got good packages better than wat they were getting before joining this course.

Ourt batch got fully placed (100%) in Copal Partners and all are doing well. I also resigned from my previous job to pursue this course. I also took this risk of being jobless and pursuing this course regularly but it was well paid of wen I got the job in investment banking department which I always dreamt of.

I am sure you would get a good job as the management of the institute is very active in getting alll the students placed. They keep on interacting with every1 and arranges interview with various divisions.

This is the best I can tell. Hope all your doubts might have cleared.

Wish u all the very best. Gud luck...n have fun...


thanks Nids

Hey i wanted to know about the entrance test for this course. And also the placements for all the batches that have happened till now??? and do the placements happen straight after the course ends??? plllzzzz let me know, coz im thinking of joining this course.

Also im a cfa level 2 candidate, will that give me an added advantage as far the starting package is concerned??


Please find below answers to all your queries:

1. Entrance test is held on prior appointment basis as they have limited seats

2. Our batch got fully placed in Copal Partners

3. And I have heard that they have achieved 100% placements for rest of the batches as well as we have people from diffrerent batches in our team

4. Yes sure being a level 2 candidate you will surely have an edge over the other candidates & also you would have a good negotiating power as far as salary is concerned

5. They start the placement process after a month into the course

Wish you all the very best & feel free to ask me any question regarding the same. As I also was referred for this course from this forum. So I think its the best medium to have a candid feedback

All the Best


Nids 1

hey nids, when will entrance test be held??/


Entrance test is held on prior appointment basis as they have limited seats.

Wish you all the best


I would like to ask you somethings about this course if you donot mind send me test mail @ [email protected] so that we can talk over there rather than at this thread.
Thanks and Regards

Studying at this Copal Institute is like paying their high tuition fees upfront to get a chance to interview with Copal Partners later. Pay packages are like Rs. 2,3, to maximum 4 lakhs p.a.

Work profile - Reading data from published annual reports and Entering that data in excel spreadsheets. Its like being a data entry operator in the financial services industry. Where can you go from there ? Maybe and thats a big maybe..another KPOs like Evalueserve. But, you will remain in a KPO stuck with doing the lowest level data punching work. You need only very basic finance knowledge to be able to do that data punching correctly (after all you need to know what to enter where and what each item on the excel sheet means). Thats all you will learn at Copal Institute and use later.

The key question is: Does your "Certificate in Financial Research" have any recognition or value outside of Copal Partners ? - None. Its only something that might give you a chance to work at Copal Partners.

And even though people at Copal Partners might mention about being acquired by Moody's recently, that means nothing for your career because you can never become an employee of Moodys while working at Copal Partners. All you'll hear is hey..we got acquired by Moody's recently. When you ask.. so what you got acquired? How has that made any difference? The answer is it has'nt made any difference and it probably never will.

In my view, Your time and money would be better spent doing the CFA (US) or MBA from any decent enough institution.

Do not fall for such 'customised' certificates created by any employer that don't have any value for other employers in the industry. These 'customised' certificates like the CFR created by Copal Institute are only a money minting machine for the company while giving them an opportunity to employ cheap labor like you.

What if they have an 'Entrance test'? Thats only to give an impression that the Copal Institute takes only some selected people. But, Guess what ? Every person who writes the test will be selected barring one or two. After all, they have to reject one or two guys to keep it real.

I think you might be one of the unlucky candidates who didn't get placed from the Institute.

If you are comparing the packages , I think you have no idea of the packages being offered to MBA students who are spending more than 8 lacs. They are being offered a package of 2- 3.5 lacs. Also no MBA college is having 100% placements. So I guess Copal Institute is providing decent enough package to start the career with. If you calculate the ROI than you will get to know that we are better off to get placed with decent package. And that too, when you get bi-annual increments & annual bonus.

When I joined they told me upfront that you only have to clear the interview to get a job, which I did successfully. My batch was fully placed in Copal Partners itself. There were guys who were not good but still they got placed.

You should speak to students of MBA colleges, finance colleges to get an idea of the placement scenario, I am sure you will get to know that we are better off than them.

As far as work is concerned ,Copal Partners client base include Investment Banks, Asset Managers, Private Equity Houses, Research Houses (ER & CR) etc.

Copal Partners is working for 9 of the top 10 bulge bracket IB firms supporting them throughout the deal life cycle from marketing to execution. Following is the type of analysis conducted which includes comparable company analysis, precedent transactions, capital market overview, DCF analysis, shareholder analysis, detailed modeling, benchmarking (Operational & Financial) and industry thematic; going all the way up to 90% of the Pitch book.

As far as growth is concerned: The growth path is tremendous. With 2 appraisals in a year and an annual bonus, Copal makes you at par with the industry professionals very soon. A serious Analyst/Sr. Analyst can climb to an AVP level in a span of 5-6 years, provided one has the ability to fire on all the cylinders simultaneously. One of my friend joined Copal Partners 6 years back, now she is VP in Copal Partners with a package of 20 lacs +.

They are celebrating Friends Day on this Saturday where all the students are invited along with their friends. I have specially asked the management about the placements till now. So to give you an update, more than 50 students have been placed at Copal Partners & many students have been placed outside in the companies like Evalueserve, Blackrock, Deloitte, Cian Analytics etc.

Rest this information is public & you can ask the management team to disclose the name of the student along with their co. name.

I would really recommend you to speak to the management team regarding the same so that they can assist you in placements.


@nids1 Whatever you are telling is the case with any KPO "knowledge services" company.It is very generic .Just because some one has got a 20+ lac salary after 5 years as you say doesnt mean tht the training is awesome.

All indian IT companies have KPOs and they have even better packages.(and they dont charge money upfront for training students)