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in test funda scoring around 97.5 percentile but in CL's test series around 78 percentile so I am not getting a clearer picture here anyone facing same problem

DI Question 37 : In solution how is it concluded that percentage of students lies between 20 to 30 % of X for class A and C and similarly for classes B and D ?

icat 07- 88 marks me 98% hey bhagwan kya ho raha hai??

bhailog apney scores to discuss karo ill post mine.

iCAT 02 3hCompleted
07-Aug-2017, 12:08:53 AM 58/300Unattempted Questions
iCAT 03 3hCompleted
12-Aug-2017, 11:48:28 PM  76/300Unattempted Questions
iCAT 04 3hCompleted
07-Sep-2017, 10:40:42 PM 86/300Unattempted Questions
iCAT 05 3hCompleted
13-Sep-2017, 09:43:21 PM 100/300Unattempted Questions
iCAT 06 3hCompleted
26-Sep-2017, 10:48:14 PM 125/300Unattempted Questions
iCAT 07 3hCompleted
05-Oct-2017, 06:34:48 PM 88/300Unattempted Questions

icat19- score 70 , AIR-6, weird stuff

Has anyone attempted iCat 16?

icat10- 108. air 17, 99.35

Hi friends, 

The number of students attempting iCATs might not be that huge. However, what we lose in numbers, we make up in the quality of the questions which will ultimately get you that high percentile in CAT 2017. If you have taken our mocks and seen the official CAT 2016 questions, you would have noticed that the pattern and level of difficulty of the mocks are closest to the actual exam questions. In fact DILR which was a pain-point for many students in CAT 2016, was actually a winner for TestFunda students as our DILR Questions actually replicated CAT 2016 questions. So fear not. Practice as many iCATs as you can and you will surely have a high percentile in CAT 2017. All the best! 👍 

Hello friends,

TestFunda launches new feature for you. Now you can get official video analysis for each iCAT by our content head.   

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icat 12- 83, adopted a new trick paid heavily

icat 14 - 104

iCAT09 video analysis: https://youtu.be/GFXKSK3fMpk

Webinar on how to approach Quants in CAT - Today @ 4 PM https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL-A_F6ht9oMXHyqU6LDX6A

I think @testfunda is distorting the actual figures. 10 hours ago for icat20, the test takers were 1600 and now it is 4621. That too with maintenance time of 6 hours in between. So basically an increase of 3000 in just 4 hours. Seriously? And not just with this mock. There are other all well.

icat 15- 121. 99.59%

Reviews about testfunda sectionals ? 

Is there a option to buy sectionals alone ? @Testfunda.com


icat 16- 121, topper scored 186 and 99% is at 164. Guyssssssss paper itna easy tha kya??

icat17- 125