[Official] TAPMI 2013-15 GD/PI Experiences

This thread has been created to share the GD/PI experiences of the aspirants. It will help everyone who is looking forward to the process and selection. Points To Note: - Business Formals (Shirt And Trouser For Guys and Salwar/Saree/Shir…

This thread has been created to share the GD/PI experiences of the aspirants. It will help everyone who is looking forward to the process and selection.

Points To Note:
- Business Formals (Shirt And Trouser For Guys and Salwar/Saree/Shirts and Trousers For Girls). This is the minimum criteria, suit and tie are optional
- CV is not needed (still if you want you can take it)
- Go with the Call Letter & other documents asked for
- Process takes around 4 hours

It seems that this year also like last year admissions team will be giving confirmation mails within 1 week of GD/PI from each center to those candidates whom they call "exceptional candidates".. These are the candidates who are sure shot converts even if the final list is out after GD/PI is held at every center. So TAPMI gives them confirmation calls so early as they don't want to miss out on those candidates. They will comprise how much %age of total converts is not known yet. Final list & waiting list will also be out after the GD/PI process is completed at each & every center. There might be some minor changes to this process this year. Rest of the details with respect to this will be communicated in due course of time.

This thread is ONLY for posting GD/PI experiences and NOT for discussion of any other queries as this thread will be used by your juniors to get idea/feel about the process next year.

I request all the aspirants to keep the queries to minimum and just related to GD/PI experiences.

While quoting the post(s), please quote just the relevant line(s) on which your question is based. Quoting long post makes the thread look cluttered. I hope everyone take this advise in right sense...

For GD/PI queries & other queries please use below thread:-

Relevant threads of last year are below:-



One can post the experience in below mentioned format so that it is convenient for all:-

Course for which process is held - PGDM or PGDM HCM or both
CAT Score:
XAT Score:
GMAT Score:
X :
Undergrad Stream & %age -
PG Stream (if any) & %age -
CA/CS/CFA/ICWA/NCFM Modules cleared (if any)

Work-Ex (in number of months):
Sector & the company :

Time Slot & Date of the process -

GD Details:-
Number of People present in GD-
Time given for GD

How many people got selected for further rounds from your group after the GD -

Essay Topic & Time given:

Questions asked -
Duration of the interview -

Any other suggestions or views about the process

All the best to everyone :D

PS - I repeat please post only GD/PI experiences here in this thread & NOT GD/PI queries..
PPS - Do NOT create any FB group on TAPMI 2013-15 converts or GD/PI discussions without prior approval from TAPMI seniors here. We will start a FB group when final results will start coming out.

@mayankmychoice --- from when will the interviews start ??
@ayushbhalotia Intrvw for selected candidates will strt immediately aftr the GD round gets over.
I would request PUYS to chip in few pointers for the topics posted here so it would be useful for others at the GDPI....
Also if anyone could contribute the latest topics from other college GDPI discussion threads its would be fantastic....
Points To Note:
-Business Formals (Shirt And Trouser For Guys and Salwar/Saree/Shirts and Trousers For Girls)This is minimum criteria suits and tie are optional
-CV is not needed
-Go as per Call Letter
-Process Takes Around 4 hours

Last years topics for GDPI:

1. Topic: secularism: a political Fashion statement or a reality in India. ( 20 minutes)
2. A seat in UN security council increases India's responsibilties
3. IPL, is it a sustainable business model.
4. India shining a myth?
5. Walmart opening stores in India - Effect on Retail Sector (FDI in Retail in short)
6. Are T.V channels killing our culture ?
7. Facebook is reducing face to face interaction/interface
8. Are attacks on Indian students abroad a media hype?
9. Are B school rankings in india reliable ?
10. Is too much cricket affecting other athletics?"
11. Coalition Government are they the future way
12. Cinema stars and Sportsperson donot make a good politicians
13. Are coaching classes facilitators or money spinners?
14. Environmental problems should all countries(developed and developing) be equally responsible.
15. Is IPL affecting the quality of Indian cricket
16. Is fasting an appropriate method to resolve national issue ?
17 . Are genetically modified food substances the way forward to meet the food
18. : Does a doctor have the authority to take a life?
19. Privatization of Indian Railways
20. Bharat Ratna and Padmashri awards are of no relvance now.Do you agree?
21. suicides a fundamental right to every citizen
22. Increasing the number of IIMs is good for its stakeholders, do you agree?
23. Entrepreneurs are born, they can never be trained ?
24. Topic : Should there be women's reservation in private sector.
25. Is India likely to hold a mid term election?.....
26. Can India overtake China in growth?
27. Does India lack good leaders.
28. is india facing leadership crisis
29. diversity and not unity is sustaining india
31.Topicriginality in Bollywood is dead. It is surviving on copies or remakes.
32. GD: Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid is just a myth
33. GD Topic: Railway fares should not have been increased...
35. Topic:The Best Career option for RETIRED or FLOP Cine Stars is Politics!
36. Topic:India is not a single nation anymore!!
37. topic : is internet killing reading skills of youth
38. Topic: "CAT/XAT scores are not true indicators for managerial abilities"
39. G.D topic-Women reservation act - Has it served its purpose?
40. G.D topic-Is year 2011 full of scams or frauds?
41.Topic: Duty without rights is slavery (or similar words to that effect)
42. G.D topic-Increase in the number of Old age home implies degardation in family value
43. G.D topic- India becoming Asias biggest arms importer would destabilize Asia.
44. Topic: India deserve Democracy or not.
45. Topic: Are Non Profit organizations the way to do business in the 21st century?
46. GD Topic: Older Employees are less productive.
47. GD TOPIC- share market is speculation but capital market is about investment
48. GD TOPIC:Indian psyche have been obsessed with IT industry.

Please keep the thread free of spams, avoid asking irrelevant questions.
This thread is only for GDPI DISCUSSION....
Hope this helps all....
We can discuss whether to join TAPMI or not later.... whether the ROI of TAPMI is good ... later.... how many students, placements LATER! lets clear the GDPI FIRST!
May the best get into TAPMI....

Courtesy @ss_12345

Another topic:

My contribution to this post:
GD Topic: Does India need more B-schools??
Also ATB to everyone for the GD-PI process.
@mcooljsr -- what i mean is when is the 1st day of gdpi for tapmi??

Today itself!!

@mcooljsr Hey Buddy ...

Could you create a poll based on %tile for all GD/PI cal getters here ... that way it will enable us to know the distribution of call getters ... and also the pattern of converts may be ..

Just a suggestion 😃 !!

Thanks in advance !!
@brown_coconut said:
@mcooljsr Hey Buddy ... Could you create a poll based on %tile for all GD/PI cal getters here ... that way it will enable us to know the distribution of call getters ... and also the pattern of converts may be ..Just a suggestion !!Thanks in advance !!
Tagging @mayankmychoice to do the needful.

Going by last year topics ..this year the topics are going to be way different .. some probable can be

1. Terror Attacks on India .Is it not time for India To put a strong Face
2.Does producing rank turners at home series Help Indian cricket Team move forward towards Test Glory
3.Respect Women . Has this phrase somewhere lost in the dictionary Of today's Youth(men)
4.India projected as a Asian Super Power .Reality or Myth.
5. Corruption is it a part of the Indian scheme of things.
6. Role of India in Afghanistan post American with drawl of troops.
7.India Media the rising Competitor to Judiciary and Executive
8.6 Medals in London Olympics .Indian Sportsman have arrived at world stage beyond Cricket or is it still a Far cry !!
9.Delhi - Mumbai Industrial Corridor A Vision or a Fairy-tail !!

People can add on to this list or add some points if they find this topics somewhat interesting :)

Dear All,

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What is your Overall CAT 2012 or XAT 2013 %ile (Choose the best one) ?

@brown_coconut said:
@mcooljsr Hey Buddy ... Could you create a poll based on %tile for all GD/PI cal getters here ... that way it will enable us to know the distribution of call getters ... and also the pattern of converts may be ..Just a suggestion !!Thanks in advance !!
@mcooljsr said:
Tagging @mayankmychoice to do the needful.


looks like i am the first one!! so here it is..

CAT Score:85.01 percentile
X : 81.2%
XII : 69.33%
Undergrad Stream & %age -Electronics engineering graduation percentage:63.2%
Work-Ex (in number of months):None(have only worked as an intern for a month at L&T; )

Time Slot & Date of the process -27th feb 2013. 10am slot

GD Details:-
There were 13 people in my batch out of whom 5 were selected for PI.The GD went well and for a change it didn't really turn into a fish market.The topic for my batch was: Is RTI an effective act or is it fake.Around 15 mins was allotted for the entire discussion and 3 mins before the end,the group was given a signal to start the summary.The topic for the 8.30 batch was: Should you join politics (not the exact words but something like that 8.30 am guys kindly confirm)
Note:there were some 90+ percentilers eliminated in the GD round.

Essay Topic & Time given:
Only those who were shortlisted were given 10 mins to write a short essay on the GD topic.

I had a pretty ok experience in PI.The first question asked was "tell me something about yourself".After that it was mainly on why MBA,why not work first and then MBA and few questions on my internship.The interviewer wasn't really impressed by my past academic performances and was grilling me on that topic for a while.Nothing was asked on current affairs or even academics.I am not sure about the exact duration of the interview but my guesstimate would be 10-15 mins.

i found this strange but i was told that my final result would be mailed within a week.Don't know how they are giving out final calls without interviewing all the candidates.

That's about it.If you have any queries feel free to ask.


@pratik.2912 May be they are kind of doing relative conselling ...werein if u fit the cirteria ... for aspirants .... interviewd in Mumbai ..they shall place u in some kind of waiting List .. for consideration !!

Just a guess though ... not sure ... may be seniors know better !!


@pratik.2912 : how long did the whole process take?

Tapmi guys start rolling out results centerwise. Within a week of finishing off with a center, they publish the list of selected candidates from that center ..
or atleast this was the trend last year as I could gather from their thread. Seniors please confirm..

@Gargi284 i was out of KJ by 12 noon.So the entire process took roughly around 2 hours..

The number of selection of guys for PI from GD is scary

@pratik.2912 Any idea how many people were in 80-85 percentile range who went thro GD and got selected for PI? Also, could you please tell based on what criteria the remaining 8 in GD were rejected?