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Is the shortlist out yet?

Any update on the GEPIWAT Shortlist ??

Do I have any chances for getting a call at 84.5 percentile in snap & 6 months of work ex in manufacturing industry and 90.85/81.33/81.67 as my marks?

Try this link to know whether shortlisted or not...


Logiin with your credentials and you will land into a dashboard featuring all the colleges you have applied for. 

Hope this helps.

Is there a separate registration form to be filled for each SNAP college through the dashboard?

The links are available on siom website. BUT GEPI link is not working, till then you can book for WAT

It is showing Invalid ID or Password...What to do??

Hi team!

Is it necessary to fill the long form first while registering or we can book the slots first and then come back to the form as the slots would be available on first come first serve basis?

Is there any last date for WAT slot booking ? or we can book it anytime before 5th feb 

Hi team,

I am trying to login on the portal but its displaying invalid Id or Password.

What does that mean? is it i am not shortlisted or some technical glitch?

 @Suraj_SIOM_AdcomSIOM it will be great if you can respond.


SIOM won't be sending mails this year? Is there any ....... or telegram group for SIOM? If yes please share the link

I have booked the WAT slot on 11th feb. But I am not able to book slot for GEPI. will the slots of GEPI open only after that form fill up? and regarding the documents upload, Do I need to merge all the PDF s and upload as a single PDF?  @Suraj_SIOM_Adcom 

What to do after uploading the documents in the website ? I don't see any option for booking GEPI slot ? Please anyone help in this regard

last date to book WAT slot for SIOM.? Is it 5th February.??

Hi team, Not received any mail regarding shortlisting but after login it is asking me to register for siom.Is it okay or anything to worry about??please help

Hi , I am a Mechanical Engineer, but I cannot see Mechanical Engineering in my specialization. Also can you please guide me What to fill in UG degree  Honours or General??

In the "Achievement in Sports/Academics/Extra Curricular" sections, can we only write the "Achievement Description" if we have something to select from the "Achievement Level" Dropdown menu? Basically, can we not write about School or College level achievements? Does it compulsorily have to be State/National or International Level?

Do we have to pay anything to register for GEPI? (If yes, what's the amount?)

Those who have been shortlisted for SIOM WAT- GEPI, what's your SNAP percentile?

  • 93-95
  • 88-90
  • 80-83
  • 83-85
  • 85-88
  • 95+
  • 90-93

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I have booked a slot for WAT and GEPI and also submitted the form for SIOM and recieved a bunch of emails the last one saying "Your online form for SIOM has been received" , anything else I need to do or have I successfully completed the process?