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This group is the official thread where you may post your queries pertaining to SKIPS incisive two years' PGDM programme. We shall also use this page to put all important dates of Admissions 2018.

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Dhruvi Trivedi, PGDM student at St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies (SKIPS) had an extra ordinary experience at her internship with Columbia Asia because of the challenges it posed to her and the way she handled them. 


Interested in starting up on your own?

This is how SKIPS students are being prepared to take risks to start up right from campus.


A glimpse of how SKIPS PGDM participants celebrated Diwali 2017 on campus"


How often an intern gets the opportunities to handle new interns of a company during their own internship? That’s just the kind of experience that molded St. Kabir institute of professional Studies’ (SKIPS) Rajat Singh’s learning during his June-July internship stint with the Adani Group.    



Why Choose CAT over GMAT?

Deciding upon getting a management degree, the question it next poses is – which exam to go for – GMAT or CAT?

Colleges Accepting These Scores

If you’re sure that you only want to apply to an MBA college in Ahmedabad or any other major city in the country itself, then there’s little point in considering GMAT at all. While CAT score is accepted by almost every MBA college in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Pune, and all other cities across the country, GMAT is accepted by many major colleges – but not all. But, if you have kept the option you studying management abroad open, then there might be a reason for you to look into how GMAT could be useful for you.


While CAT exam fee costs somewhere around Rs. 2000, you’d have to pay about Rs. 15000 for every GMAT attempt you give. And once you get admission into a b-school via CAT, your average fee for two years would be around Rs. 12 Lakh. GMAT score on the other hand would have you paying an average 20 to 65 Lakh rupees – for one year.

Syllabus of The Exams

While the syllabus of both these exams is almost the same, the difficulty level differs. While quant is a bit difficult in CAT, you’ll find the verbal section of GMAT to be a bit more exhaustive. To clear the verbal section of CAT, you have to be more of an avid reader than to concentrate too much on the specifics of grammar and vocabulary. GMAT puts a lot of stress on vocabulary, and there’ll be a large of number of words that you’ll have to understand and learn, in order to do well in this section. 


With very few days left to MAT, all you test-takers, here's a quick tip list from Dr. Balyan, Director, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad:


In the ever changing face of the economy, new financial tehnologies have changed a lot in the game for entrepreneurs. 

A latest SCOPE session with Mr. Bhavesh Patel Founder and Director of Opulence Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. delved into the theme: ‘Entrepreneurship And Its Challenges with Recent Trends in Financial Technologies, making SKIPS PGDM students re-consider some very crucial questions of the time! 

A blog published on insideiim around the session: http://bit.ly/2AWWBZw 

Mr. Tej Malhotra, the President of RSPL Ltd, enlighten the students of SKIPS about the ‘Emerging Trends & Role of Management in manufacturing industry.

A blog published on facebook around the session: 


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