(OFFICIAL) SOIL School of Business Design (SOBD) 2022-24 MBA Admissions

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Meet the esteemed panellists of the SOIL Human Resources Leadership Conclave 2021. Being held on 13th November 2021, we are proud to host leading CEOs and CHROs of the Indian business world.

This is a great opportunity for our students to listen to CXOs share their insights and experiences through the Conference.

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SOIL is proud to announce the Human Resources Leadership Conclave 2021 on 13th November. A virtual event, where HR leaders & experts will come together to discuss Leadership Through the Covid-19 Pandemic, Leveraging Technology in Employee experience, Managing Relational Perspectives and more.

The world has changed, and the disruption produced by the coronavirus has shattered the regular nine to five work model. Not only is it necessary to provide for office and remote worker…

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The SOIL PGDM Page Turner’s Club is organising an event around formation of stories.

Designed to make our students think creatively and come up with out oft he box solutions, ‘Imagination Tree’ is going to be a great learning experience.

Storytelling brings learning alive and creates a participatory and immersive experience.

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Summer Internship Diaries- From SOIL to GSK - Yukti Sharma, PGDM

Summer Internship Diaries-

SOIL presents the Academy Industry Week, 2021. Multiple days of case analysis, simulations, role plays and insightful guest lectures with Industry Leaders.

The HR, Marketing, Finance & Analytics Academies of our PGDM program are setting the course:

  • to bring the students up to speed on key aspects of practical wisdom of industries to focus on during their core MBA journey

  • to give a broad exposure to the real working environment and expectations of the industry

  • to develop a deep understanding of domain related concepts and their application.

Watch this space for more details!

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"I believe that marketing is a skill, and satisfying customers is an attitude. According to my perspective, marketing is everywhere. Everything from presenting yourself for a job interview to selling your products includes marketing.

Marketing is not just a function, it is a philosophy. The core of that philosophy is to analyze the needs of your customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition" says Karanjeet Singh, Associate Club Head – Marketing Club, PGPM, Class of 2022.

Read more here: https://www.soil.edu.in/the-modern-era-of-marketing/

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We are very excited to welcome our esteemed speakers at the SOIL Academy Industry Week 2021.

Our students look forward to learning from multiple days of case analysis, simulations, role plays and insightful guest lectures with Industry Leaders!

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Ever wondered what a day in the life of a SOIL student is like. Here is Amrita Ravichandran, PGPM (Class of 2022) sharing her experience.


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Students at SOIL are very excited to be leaving for the annual Himalayan Learning Retreat to Sidhbari, Dharamshala today.

This trip is a special feature of the SOIL Curriculum which enables application of management learning in the context of rural development.

Students, staff and faculty visit the Chinmaya Ashram in Sidhbari and stay there for few days to experience simple living, high thinking. The activities are planned in a manner which enables them to learn and develop themselves amidst the serene ashram surroundings.

Stay tuned for more details and updates from the retreat.

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Meet the SOIL Careers Team

Our Career Management Services (CMS) team details our efforts towards guiding the career paths of our students. With the personalized assistance provided by this team, the faculty, the peers and the alumni network, our MBA candidates have been able to grow to higher managerial positions or change their career paths.

Our valued base of recruiting organizations has continued to repose its faith in our students despite the slightly adverse macro environment for hiring. Plus, we have managed to add several new Companies to this firm base. Our students are absorbed in all the key sectors – including IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Consulting and eCommerce.


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The SOIL PGDM Environment Club thrilled to announce the ‘Liveable Earth’ event.

Replete with Best out of Waste competitions, short film screenings, energy saver games, presentations on Innovative Sustainable Product Ideas and more, the event is designed to make our students focus on the Environment and ensure a safe and healthy future for all of us on this planet.

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India’s topmost experts & business leaders will be coming together at SOIL’s most awaited Inspired Leadership Conference 2021 on 10th December.

Theme: Sustainable Transition in Turbulent Times: Defying Gravity

Stay Tuned!

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Experiential learning is learning by experiencing, discovering, creating, exploring, and interacting with the world and people around you.

This week, the ‘Storytelling’ session for our PGDM students revolves around use of the story structure for the purpose of internal and external communication, collaboration and marketing. Storytelling can be used to persuade peers, to sell to clients, to develop new marketing narratives, and even to reposition the company amongst the competition.

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Self leadership describes how you lead your own life – setting your course, following it, and correcting as you go. Life and business are often intertwined, so it also reflects how you work with clients, colleagues, and the leadership in your organization.

At SOIL, we go #BeyondTheMBA to ensure student transformation.

Here is what Kashika Chawla (2 Year SOBD student, class of 2019-21), has to say about the Self Leadership class at SOIL.

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The Inspired Leadership Conference 2021 in collaboration with Shizenkan University (大学院大学至善館) Japan, presents the Trail-blazing competition from SOIL Institute of Management.

The topic at hand is Agri-Technology, a pressing issue of our time, given it is a fast-growing industry ripe for innovative business models and opportunities. We wish all the participating teams good luck!

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Congratulations Dr. Ritu Sharma (Assistant Professor, SOIL) for her paper publication in Elsevier. The paper titled “Turning the blackbox into a glassbox: An explainable machine learning approach for understanding hospitality customer” explores explainable ML to enhance customer experience.

Travel and hospitality industry are adopting high end technology to reach out to their customers. New levels of disruption are being introduced using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques of research. This research paper uses explainable machine learning approach on Airbnb data , and has significant implications for academia and industry in identifying applications of explainable algorithms in decision-making.

You can access full paper here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/…/pii/S2667096821000434

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