[Official] Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM) - Post Graduate Diploma in Management (2024-26)

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SSIM (Siva Sivani institute of management), pioneers at inception of management education, in the combined states of A.P and Telangana, was founded in 1992 as the first privately autonomous, AICTE approved institution offering PGDM programs.

Being a part of a group which has a legacy of imparting quality education for over 60 years and having celebrated Diamond jubilee, SSIM a B-school unit, as a part S.P. Sampathy’s Sivani educational society, always took it up as their responsibility to give great leaders and managers to the society due to emerging demands during the Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation period. India was emerging as hub of service sector and the Founder of the group has foreseen the scope and need to cater to society and economic need of the nation. Hyderabad as a cosmopolitan city definitely would be amongst the priority list as chosen place to connect the world and make it a global village because of the nuances the place has to offer. Be it the culture, education, cuisines, tradition and acceptance, the city had the vibe and hospitality to offer. The Founder Sir Late Siva Pratap Sampathy was way ahead of his times and started this entity after successfully establishing schools of international standard. He knew how education has to be imparted without any grey areas. He got a similar approach into management education with world-class infrastructure and a great team of faculty to teach their first batch of students in 1992, and the ball started rolling. With 29 batches of managers and leaders trained, taught and mentored under the shadow of SSIM, the institute boasts one of the strongest alumni network in India with their alumini spread across the world in great positions across the sectors, domains and industries. Till date the institute ensures learning is kept at the pinnacle and practical exposure as a basic prerequisite of learning. With more than 300 corporate connects and 120 plus corporate visitors each year trusting the brand, SSIM is a home to success to budding aspirants of this corporate jungle.

With varied programs to choose from, SSIM has programs to suit any student from any background, be it someone new to management arena, or someone keen about financial sector or someone with strong analytical approach. Triple specialisation program at SSIM helps students to choose amongst different specialisations, be it Finance or marketing or HR and much more, infact students can choose three different specialisations in this program and all of that in the second year after a well planned first year to introduce and develop business acumen in students along with internships in the first year followed by an option of choosing their areas of interest in the second year. Icing on the cake, it comes with NBA accreditation, AIU approval and NAAC accreditation. Similarly BIFS and Business analytics programs for students keen about financial sector or Data sciences as a career choice. With practical labs to enable hands on experience available at campus which is facilitated with all the infrastructure, it’s a paradise to learn from. Located at Hyderabadon NH 44, it’s a lush green campus with seperate hostels for men and women within the campus. Classrooms with Air Conditioning and Wifi enablement and ICT facility, along with laptops offered to students including transportation as a complimentary give away. ROI is the best SSIM with the fee being 6,60,000/- for two years for Triple Specialisation and BIFS program and 7,60,000/- for Business analytics program which comes with Harvard Business Schools Online Business analytics certificate.

Highest package offered being 17lacs this year, it’s a definite recommendation to young aspirants. One can learn more about it by visiting www.ssim.ac.in the official website of SSIM. All the best peeps!

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Admission process at SSIM, Hyderabad. Siva Sivani institute of management follows a stringent process of scrutiny to ensure quality intake. The process starts with aspirants registering themselves on the official website and eventually are scheduled for the next available GDPI slot. A minimum of 14 students are made into a cluster and the process starts with group discussion followed by personnel interview. Other areas such as academic profile, English comprehension, communication, diversity and attire are given due weightage during the scrutiny process. As the word suggests, scrutiny is not to trouble or put aspirants unto a hot spot, rather is it to evaluate one’s personality, intent and involvement in the whole process. PGDM program needs aspirants with solitude and character which needs to be exhibited from day one. The whole process is designed around the above factor. SSIM receives applications from almost 13 different states of India and diversity is given a significant importance during intake. This ensures a multivariate learning and development ecosystem which creates a conducive horizon for the students to evolve and learn from.

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Where is this college located?

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What one is better for PGDM/MBA:

  • SSIM
  • IFMR

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Can you share the most recent update on placement scenario at SSIM?

What is the selection criteria for batch 2022-24?

What are the business opportunities available for someone with a management degree at SSIM?

With so many colleges offering Business analytics MBA is there so much scope for this degree?

What are the prominent brands that recruit student from the bifs programme?

I say this on your application form, what is a PGDM triple specialization?

Hi, asking because this is a general group, I have received an offer from SSIM & VJIM, I am confused about which one I should go for, I am more inclined towards SSIM, considering I always wanted to pursue a degree in Finance, but as per my dad’s sources the faculty at are not that good for Finance & also there is no process to have one on one mentoring available for the student. Can anyone help me with this, if you are already a student at SSIM, Kindly share your review with me, so I get a better understanding?

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Hi team, I am an MBA aspirant, currently looking for an MBA degree in Hyderabad, which B-School should I choose based on the placement offered.

  • SSIM
  • IBS
  • IMT H

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I have my gdpi schedule in the next week, I am really nervous as I got to know that the PI round is tough so I just wanted to learn from anyone who has appeared in the process already; what kindly of questions can i expect for my PI, Should prepare more on the lines of my graduate degree or in general?

@SSIMAdcom Team, I have filled my application for PGDM in BA. However, I have not received any confirmation about it or any communication explaining the selection process. Kindly look into this asap.

Is SSIM PGDM in business analytics the right choice for me if I am considering further studies abroad post this degree?

What all certifications are covered under industry & global certification?

I recently visited SSIM Campus, and my overall experience was good. The college’s infrastructure is good and well facilitated with AC classrooms, wifi, laptop, etc. We also had interactions with the adcom team on the curriculum. In my opinion, the college is one of the best B-schools in Hyderabad.

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The SSIM team recently claimed a 97.5 % placement rate; I was curious as to which recruiters are included in this, as well as which major industries hire through SSIM. Kindly respond asap as this is a major decision-making factor for me.