[Official] Singapore Management University (SMU)

Even, i would like some information on SMU MBA, any current SMU students on PG? How is the repuations of SMU for the MBA program. Is it comparable to NUS and Nanyang (I know it's a new MBA program) or not? I have five years of work experience in the IT sector anld a GMAT score of 710. I would like to work in Consulting after my MBA. Do you guys think SMU would be a good option..

Thank you nothing for your detailed post. Is Singapore a good option for all funcions of management or management consulting or you would say it's good only for finance related jobs?

I am planning to apply for SMU for 2010 or 2011 intake.
Is there anyone who has applied for 2010?

My profile:
Experience: 8.5 Yrs - Worked with top MNCs in India and Europe
Job Profile: IT Consulting Sales(Middle/Senior Management)
GMAT: 610
Current Location: India

Hi connectansh,
Any success is finding info on SMU?
I am also looking for the same.

Hi consultant , i am not applying to SMU, not this year atleast, reason being the recessionary enviroment and also that SMU is a new program. I am planning to start my MBA in fall of 2010 and will apply to established B-Schools only. This will also give me an opportunity to have a shot at some reputed Indian B-schools. What is your profile briefly and which B-schools are you planning applying to? As of now, i have decided to apply to HKU and NUS. I shall apply to about five B-schools, will keep you posted.
Edit- Checked your profile on the other post, it's impressive.
Cheers 😃

Therez already an active trhead which is running for quite some time. So , i request you to post your Queries or any discussionz here



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Where can I find details about SMU placements for 2009 MBA batch?


I wud be joining SMU in Aug 09 for may Masters.. Guys as far as the University is Concerned ..it has a very good name...rest I cannot comment upon the MBA..bt ya it is expected to be good...I would be joining Master of IT in business...Another very good Degree Program.


@nothing - SMU MBA is programmed from January to Decemeber , right? So, i think we need not wait a year for the placement reports. Maybe you are right though, SMU will take six additional months to portray the final placement scene.

You can't. The first batch of MBAs have not yet graduated from SMU.
May be in a year's time you will have the placeemnt statistics for the first batch.

I thought the 1 yr MBA started in Jan-2008.
Maybe my understanding was wrong.

Will check with the school admission dept. and let you guys know.
Thanks anyways.

Is anyone planning to apply for 2011?

Hi Everyone,

I had applied to SMU in round 3 ending September 1st.
I have previously been selected to the undergraduate programme of SMU but could not join due to some monetary problems.

Here is my Profile

GMAT: 730/5.0
Work Experience: 2+ years in IT
Good Acads/Descent Co-curriculars


What r they generally looking for in the Interview??
Is it a phone Interview??

I have applied for SMU MBA program in Rd 3 (precisely on June 30th). I recently got an interview call for Sep 8th.

Has anyone else went through their interview recently? It will be great if you can share your experiences.

My Profile:
GMAT: 680
Background: IT
Work Ex: 8 years (including 3 years in France and 2 years in US)
Dedicated towards CSR activities


I got admission to SMU Full Time MBA (2010 batch) in R1. Like to understand my fellowmates if any, in this forum.


Hi Rajibchat,

I have applied for SMU MBA and waiting for interview outcome.Can you please share your profile.

Hi Shravan,

You got good profile. After seeing your profile I estimated that my chances are very less(:

Hi Shravan,

Tha results r out , did u receive any msg from SMU?

I got an admission offer today from SMU. I would like to meet fellow mates who got the offer from SMU. Please let me know.


Hi everybody,

I have also recieved confirmation of my admission to SMU. would love to meet up with my fellow batchmates.

Danish Ahmed

I have accepted the offer from SMU.

As per this forum, only Rajib, Danish and myself have got offer from SMU. Any one else?

I accepted the admit of SMU MBA 2010.
Can you guys share your email ids for contact... would like to know your plans and looking forward to meet you guys...