[Official] SIBM Pune 2015-17 Admissions

Hello Aspirants! SIBM Pune and the Admissions Team bring to you the Official Group for admissions to the Batch of 2015-17. Use this group to post any queries you might have about SIBM-P, SNAP or the B-School Life, and we'll do our best to address all your queries. Interact with fellow aspirants and prepare for SNAP together.

what are the cut off for siib, sibm and schmrd for this time snap.....?? Can u pls let me know....

suggest colleges from placement point of view. 

is one month enough to crack it???

for snap test or For its related collges, do we need to send anythong by post ??

In SNAP 2014 for getting interview calls, will only snap score be taken into account or anything else is to be considered ?? 

Can we pay the fee for colleges after test. For now only 15oo for test would be sufficient or not.

I want to know for final selection for SIBM and   SCHMRD after snap sore ...is academic score will also taken into considerations.

If yes how much weightage will be given to it.

Thank you

hi.. I just received a mail about my application form being incomplete. Can somebody help me here? What is the last step? I have already made the payment for individual colleges.

on the bottom of the online application form it says date and place. do we have to write and send it by post?

Is there an pay for the colleges when we are registering for snap itself,or is there a separate process where we must register for the colleges individually?

hi, does SIBM-P and SIBM-B has different ciriteria for admission and different faculty and standard of education or are they both same


i have filled the forms of sibm simc and scmhrd

Is there separate exam for scmhrd and simc


Could you please tell me more about the Innovation & Intrepreneurship track?

Also, what kind of placements would students in that track be looking at?  

Thank you.

Are there any sectional cutoffs for SNAP this year/?????

Do we need to apply for SIBM Pune separately or only applying for snap will do?

Is it mandatory to pay at one go for both institutes as well as the test? can't it be like I just pay for the SNAP test now and later pay for the institutes? need some better clarification on this. somebody to assist?

during the registration process,we are asked to select colleges we would like to apply,But what if we change our mind later and decide to apply for some other institutes other than what we mentioned during registration? It would not be a problem right?

Wil sectional cutoffs be applicable for Snaptest 2015-17???Also,does SIBM Pune,take sectional cutoffs into account?

I have registered for snap. When I am going on payment options page....there a list of all the colleges alongwith 1000Rs each is being displayed. I need to apply to SIBM-P and SCM-HRD only. So once i pay on this page for both the colleges it is done right? Again i dont need to go individually on SIBM-p and SCMHRD website and pay the fees and register individually???

@SIBMPuneAdmissions  @SCMHRD-Pune  please clarify ! 

I am registering for SIBM, Pune. I am suppose to fill my experience in months. But experience as of which date? Is it present date, or March/May/August end?