[Official] Quant Thread for 2016

Let's see if we can make this bigger and better than the previous year threads. For those who are starting their CAT 2016 prep, this will be a good starting point. Do post your Quant queries over here - I and other Puys will try and answer the same.

Brief intro: I am Ravi Handa and I run an online course for CAT over here:


Let me start by asking a question on Remainders.

What is the remainder when the infinite sum (1!)² + (2!)² + (3!)² + ··· is divided by 1152?

What is the remainder when 3^21 + 9^21 + 27^21 + 81^21 is divided by (3^20+1)?


Hi all CAT aspirants, you are invited to join this group for queries related to admissions at MBA, IIT Kanpur.

We hope to see you guys in the next stage of selection procedure!