[Official] Quant Thread For 2016 !!!

Time to start & follow the CAT "2016". All the best guys for CAT 2016 Preparation.

Hello All, I am getting 24.5 in Xat 4.5/9/11.25 I have filled only IMT G.... Any suggestions for applying anywhere else which are active?

In a football tournament having 'n' teams each, all the teams play each other twice and get 3 points for a win and 2 points each for a draw,

If the total number of points earned by the teams is 217, how many games were drawn?

 1) 34   2) 53  3) 71  4) CBD  5) none of these

Please suggest a solution!!!!

CAT 2015 DI LR was substantially different (tougher, spicier, meaner) and it prompts us to revisit the prep plan for this section.  I have had a go at putting together a few questions on DI LR incorporating inputs we have from this year's CAT. 

Please have a go. Since there are 5 questions here, I have taken to posting the whole thing as a post rather than as a question

Five students, P, Q, R, S and T stand in a line in some order and receive cookies and biscuits to eat. No student gets the same number of cookies or biscuits. The person first in the queue gets the least number of cookies. Number of cookies or biscuits received by each student is a natural number from 1 to 9 with each number appearing at least once.

The total number of cookies is two more than the total number of biscuits distributed. R who was in the middle of the line received more goodies (cookies and biscuits put together) than everyone else. T receives 8 more cookies than biscuits. The person who is last in the queue received 10 items in all, while P receives only half as many totally. Q is after P but before S in the queue. Number of cookies Q receives is equal to the number of biscuits P receives. Q receives one more good than S and one less than R. Person second in the queue receives an odd number of biscuits and an odd number of cookies.

1. Who was 4th in the queue?

2. How many cookies did Q get?

3. If we know that S received more cookies than biscuits, then how many cookies did R receive?

4. If R received fewer cookies than S, how many cookies did S receive?

5. How many cookies were distributed in all?

Please provide a solution

Please provide a solution

Please provide a solution

Please provide a solution

5 teams A, B, C, D, and E participate in a tournament where they have to perform 5 embarrassing tasks like preparing for CAT and XAT. The tasks are numbered from 1 to 5. Each tasks has an interesting points' scheme - the team finishing the task first receives 50 points, the team finishing second receives 40 points, third one gets 30 points, 4th placed team receives 20 points and the one that finishes last receives 10 points. If a team does not finish the task in the stipulated 60 minutes, it gets 0 points. Further, for every minute 'saved', a team gets an additional point. As in, if a team finishes second and finishes the task in 53 minutes, the team will get 40 + 7 = 47 points.

Thankfully, all teams finished all tasks within the stipulated 60 minutes.

The times taken by the teams to finish the tasks are given in the table provided below, with some numbers being omitted.

Since we cannot see a table on this UI, I am giving the data below - 

In game 1 - A took 30 minutes, B took 45, D took 28, E took 52 minutes, we do not know the data for C

In game 2 - A took 52 minutes, C took 45, D took 35, E took 31 minutes, we do not know the data for B

In game 3 - A took 58 minutes, B took 57, C took 42, D took 48 minutes, we do not know the data for E.

In game 4 - B took 56, C took 39, D took 42 minutes and E took 57 minutes, we do not know the data for A.

In game 5 - A took 46 minutes, B took 58, C took 52, E took 33 minutes, we do not know the data for D

We know that team D won the overall championship with an overall score of 286 points, while team B ended last with an overall score of 178 points. A total number of 254 points were scored in game 1. Game 3 was the toughest where only a total number of 193 points were scored. Total number of points scored is 1126. 

There are questions that follow. But effectively, the task is to complete the grid. 

My academics is like 10 - 78.5 , 12 - 64.8 , btech - 79.5 , 1.5 yrs experience... So should I go for CAT 2016 preperation

Mindwrokzz centre for management studies has three branches india, i.e. at Patna , Lucknow, and Jamshedpur. The number of faculty members in each center may vary depending upon the intake capacity of students . The following information was obtained from reliable sources :-

1) At times, a specialist of a subject of one city may visit a centre at another city to teach for few days. Each faculty teaches at least one city and may or may not teach at another city.

2) Some of the faculty members are teaching exactly two centres and the number for various possible combination is in ratio 1:2:3 respectively(in the same order of the centre mentioned above)

3) 10 faculty members teaching at Patna centre are also teaching at a minimum of one centre.

4) 24 faculty members teach at Patna centre.

5)The number of faculty members in lucknow alone is twice the number of those who visit all the three cities to teach their respective specializations.

6) Number of faculty members teaching at Jamshedpur centre alone is four more than the number of faculty members teaching at all three centre.

Q. Based upon the information given above, how many total faculty members are employed at Mindwrokzz?

(a) 43

(b) 44

(c) 45

(d) cannot be determined

(e) None of these.

The GDP of a country increased in 2 consecutive years at 12% and 5% respectively. Find compounded annual average growth rate of the GDP during these 2 years.
a) 8.8% b) 17.6% c) 8.4% d) 8.7%

sum of Rs. 10 is lent to be returned in 11 monthly instalments of Rs. 1 each, interest being simple. The rate of interest is a) 21.8% b) 9.09% c)11% d) 10%

Question 1.. With explanation... Please..

A sum of money invested for n years at 4% pa interest becomes Rs 120. If the same sum had been invested at 6% pa interest for the same period, it would have been Rs 160. How long was the sum invested? 

Please give me a shortcut to approach the question

B is as much % less than C as it is more than A. If A is 36% less than C, what is B as a % of (A +C)?
a) 47.6% b) 60% c) 55% d) 45%


A man buys 6% rs 100 face value bonds for rs 90. He sells the bonds a year later at a price of Rsx. His net return ( income+capital gain) on his investment was 25%. Find x.
Please help
a) 109 b) 110.5 c) 120 d) 106.5

Question 24 with solution please