[Official] Quant Thread for 2015!

As we are done with CAT 2014 and those who feel that they need to start all over again, and they see IIM as a calling, here is one more step closer to your success!

lets start 😛

A line x + y = 14 cuts the curve y = x2 + 4x at two distinct points. What type of triangle will be formed by joining these two points to a third point (1, 20)?

if abc = 1, then sigma [(1 + a + b^-1)] = ??

If a^3 = b^3 =c^3 = 1 and a, b and c are distinct values, then a+b+c=?


the sum of the terms of an infinite geometric sequence is 3/2.the sum of the 1st,3rd,5th,7th....for the same series is 9/8.find common ratio of gp

please eloborate solution?

Golu starts a trip when the hands of the clock are together b/t 8 a.m and 9a.m . He arrives at his destination b/t 2pm amd 3pm when the hands are exactly 180 degree apart. what is the total time taken for trip?


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[Official] Quant Thread for CAT 2015

Four friends Peena , Qeena, Reena and Seena meet for lunch and each friend puts his car key in the middle of  their table.After lunch , each friend grabs a key at random.What is the probability that at least one of them gets his/her own key?





Mini and Vinay are quiz masters preparing for a quiz. In x minutes, Mini makes y questions more than Vinay. If it were possible to reduce the time needed by each to make a question by two minutes,  then in x minutes Mini would make 2y questions more than Vinay. How many questions does Mini make in x minutes?

series completion E P Y E J ? ?

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  • W X
  • U V

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There are eight friends: four boys and four girls. Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard are the boys and Penny, Bernadette, Amy and Leslie are the girls. All of them are sitting around a rectangular table having eight different chairs (chairs cannot be moved) such that there are three seats along each longer side and one seat each on the shorter sides. Sheldon, being the leader, likes to sit on the shorter side of the table. Raj does not talk to girls, so he does not sit next to any of the girls. Leslie wants to sit opposite Sheldon. Friends whose names start with the same letter do not sit adjacent to each other. In how many ways can these eight friends be arranged, if they face each other?

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Find the unit digit of (32^33^34^35)

ajay went to a market to buy total 90 apples,oranges and bananas.he bought equal no of oranges and bananas.ratio of no of apples and oranges he bought is 5:2.if price of each orange is equal to each apple,he could have skipped the purchase of bananas and instead purchased the same no of apples and oranges as he actually bought for the same total amount.find minimum possible expenditure he could have incurred.

find the sum of all possible values of x such that 2/rt x+1/rt y =1/rt2

find highest power of N that divides 11^N (97!+98!+99!) 

Three boys A, B and C start running at constant speeds from the same point P along the circumference of a circular track. The speeds of A, B and C are in the ratio 5:1:1. A and B run clockwise while C runs in the anticlockwise direction. Each time A meets B or C on the track he gives them a card. What is the difference in the number of cards received by B and C if A distributes 33 cards in all?

3 pipes are connected to an inverted cone, with its base at the top. 2 inlet pipes, A and B, are connected to the top of the cone and can fill the empty cone individually in 8hrs and 12hrs hours, respectively. The outlet pipe C, connected to the bottom,can empty a filled cone in 4 hours. When the cone is completely filled with water, all three pipes are opened. Two of the three pipes remain open for 20 hours continuously and the third pipe remains open for a  lesser time. As a result, the height of the water inside the cone comes down to 50%. Which of the following would be possible?

A. Pipe A was open for 19 hrs.

B. Pipe A was open for 19.5 hrs.

C. Pipe B was open for 19 .5hrs.

D. Pipe C was open for 19 hrs 50 min.

E. The situation is not possible.

How many subsets of {1,2,3,4,5,6,7} contains 6 as its largest number?

How many ways  we can divide 5 distinct objects into groups of 2,2 and 1?.......need a holistic approach.