Events Key Dates Salient Features
NMAT 2022 registrations - Main 1st August 2022 The registration process will begin on the official website
Last date for NMAT registration 10th October 2022 The registration process concludes under the early registration window
Late registrations Second week of October 2022 An extra amount is to be paid for late registrations
NMAT scheduling commencement 1st August 2022 Applicants will be able to start scheduling their exam
Last Date for NMAT scheduling 13th October 2022 Last date to schedule NMAT 2022 exam
NMAT 2022 Re-scheduling commencement 1st August 2022 The rescheduling facility for NMAT 2022 will start on this date
Last date for NMAT re-scheduling 16th December 2022 Last date to reschedule NMAT 2022 exam
NMAT 2022 exam dates 10th October 2022 to 19th December 2022

The NMAT exam is held within a test window ranging from 70 days to 100 days

Fees: INR 2300 +GST

Registration for NMAT by GMAC 2017 now open!

   Where can I register for the exam? 

 How much time is allotted for each of the three sections in the exam? 

 Where can I buy the NMAT by GMAC™ Official Guide 2017? 

 How many times am I allowed to retake the exam? 

 When can I register for the exam? 


How many universities can I apply in India ?

I am unable to login on the @NmatbyGmac website inspite of following the registration protocol. Everytime I try to login it displays invalid email id/password. Kindly help me out. Thanks

Sir ,I have Filled all the mandatory options in nmat form but everytime I try to submit the form the system displays that my form is incomplete plz help me out 

We will have to register for NMIMS seperately? and when will NMIMS registeration start?

I didn't receive a confirmation mail from NMIMS after making the institute registration payment. Did anyone else face the same issue?

What does 'chosing a school mean' ? Does this mean we will have to go there and give the exan, right ?

What are the various windows for NMAT 2017 ?

 Registrations for NMAT by GMAC™ 2017 is now open. #Register soon to get your featured slot. All the best!
Click Here: http://bit.ly/2trVxKT 

 Every time I click on the NMIMS application link, it crashes and shows "privacy error. your connection is not private....". I have tried accessing the link using 2 different network connections, but the problem persists. Am I the only one who's facing this problem, or is there someone else too?If @SCouncilNMIMS or @NmatbyGmac or anybody else could help out, I would really appreciate it.
PS. Already registered with NMATbyGMAC 

what are the various windows for the nmat exam

While applying for NMIMS programmes. What should we choose. MBA or PGDM? Don't know the difference between these

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