[Official] MHRM IIT Kharagpur (2019-2021) Admissions Thread

We, the Admissions, Media & PR committee will try our utmost to get all your doubts clarified relating to the admissions process of MHRM, IIT Kharagpur.

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Hello Everyone. Please shoot your queries, and we will do our best to address them.

can final year b.tech students (8th sem ) apply for mhrm course(vgsom accepts final year students but no idea about mhrm)?

What is the last percentile which converted last year??

does this course has 100 % placement record in recent years?? And NC-OBC cut-off please?

Hello guys Please let me know your thoughts on whether I can get a call for WAT/pi round based on the info below: 2.5 yrs work ex 10th 85 12th 80.85 Btech 71 Cat(raw score) 78 CAT(Expected percentile) : 82.75

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  • NO

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Hi, Can you let me know that with acads 85.5/79.6/76.4 (Btech ) and with a workex of 19 months is it possible for me to get a call and convert mhrm . My cat score is 90 ( slot2) expected percentile - 85+ 

X/xii/grad/cat -93/71/68/88.23 chance of getting call

 X/xii/grad/cat -84/85/74/87.55     Work Exp 30 Months Full Time

Chances of convert 

NC OBC Oa- 90.99 VA/lr/Qa- 76/69/98 X/xii/b.tech- 84/83/76 Work ex- 6 months Any chance?

Scaled score:109.52 Overall Percentile92.2 Q59.9: 99.5%ile D34.26: 95.05%ile V15.37: 38.47%ile X: 91.2( CBSE) XII: 85.8( CBSE) Grad eng:82.6 Nc-obc Work experience 0 month I'm getting 12 out of 20 in AR-part2, it contains (3/3 in X, 4/4 in XII, 5/7 in UG, 0/1 in PG and 0/5 in WE) AR part1 is CAT which is also of 20 marks. Should I apply to get a call and conversion??

CAT'18 OA- 121.08 & 94.98

Quant- 33.55 & 93.27

DILR- 25.53 & 86.18

VARC- 62 & 95.15

Raw Score- 119

10th- 91%

12th- 78.6 %

Graduation - 73 %

Work-ex - 21 months

NC obc male

 Please tell me about my chances of call and convert. 

10/12/grad/cat 92 83 73 88percentile. Gen 11 month full time experience Chances of getting a call?

10/12/B.Tech: 90.67/81.5/8.15

CAT: 92.3 Percentile

33 months work experience as of now.

What are my chances?

GEM candidate 10th- 89.80 12th- 89.80 GRAD- 76.51 CAT Overall- 89 Work exp.- 28 months n working What are my chances?should i apply?

What was cutoff for NC OBC last year.

 With acads 82(State Board)/82(State Board)/80.5 (Btech) , 26 months workex (and counting) in IT and cat percentile as OA 93.6, VARC-94, DILR-82, QUANT-93. What colleges should i fill with realistic chances of conversion? Female, General Category. Should I apply ?  

What is the cutoff for general category?

Hi 10th - 94 12th - 95.5 Engineering - 79.6 Cat 71.3 NC OBC category Any blind chance of call?

Cat -87.18 all sectionals above 80 Bcom grad 10/12/bcom - 74.7/81.2/66.2 Can i apply for mhrm? If so what are my chances?