Please post all your queries related to the GDPIWAT round of MDI Gurgaon in this thread.

What was the last percentile shortlisted for a GEM candidate?

Hi , my wat-gd-pi date is clashing with another interview. What is the process to request for a change of date?

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Congratulations on getting a call from MDI Gurgaon. 

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hello. how can i change interview dates? its clashing with another interview.

Hi pgdmim is only for people with 4years bachelors right and not for non engineers like bcom hons?

Any chances for conversion at 94.82% for GEM with 18 months work ex? I heard that they just give a call at this percentile and no conversion is possible at this percentile for gem, is that true? Could u plz shed some light on this as per last year trends?

Can the interview date be changed ? To whom should I send the mail?

What are the sectionals and overall cutoffs?

Is it necessary to give preference order for all the 3 courses or we can choose the ones we want to apply to?

This question is regarding work ex! It says that you've to bring your payslip necessarily for the GD/PI process. What if one is working with a very small start up and the mode of payment is through cash without any pay slip?

Hi. is there any form we need to fill after getting shortlisted? 

My profile form link is not opening on chrome anybody able to do it?

what exactly is the criteria for im??

I have come to know that if I fill in the preference order for all 3 courses and get selected for a course other than my first preference, then I will not get a waitlist number to track my status for my first preference. Is this true?

Hi, I wanted to know if a professional qualification such as Chartered Accountancy is considered along with a 3 year BCom, thereby making it a 4 year qualification, for the criteria mentioned in the PGP -IM course? TIA

Whats the breakup of the 15% profile marks? Cant find the details anywhere.

Approximately how many people have been called up for the GD-WAT-PI process? Adcom, please revert...

Minimum percentile which got call?

I had filled the lightweight form and also have the pdf of the filled form in which i cannot see that the interview city preference was asked anywhere. My interview city is Gurgaon. Did anybody else encounter this problem?  Where can I see my preferences that I filled for interview city as I want to write to the admissions office for getting it changed.